(Last Updated On: January 22, 2017)

If you are thinking to start your own blog, do checkout the Infographic below on ” 10 Things Your Blog Must Have “ :

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These are the 10 important things that your Blog must have :

  1. A Great Niche : A great niche is the most important pre-requisite of starting a blog.A blogging niche that is of your interest and you would love to write upon.
  2. Unique and Quality Content : Content is king and quality matters for a blog to be successful.
  3. A Good Theme : A visually appealling theme that is closely related to your blog niche can do wonders.
  4. Beautiful Images : Impressive images attract visitors.But,make sure you use the free stock images allowed to be used freely or create your own.
  5. An About Page : Make the viewers aware on Who you are and what is your blog all about ?
  6. A Contact Page : Where can people contact you, if they want to ? Some serious business opportunities and monetization strategies are hidden here.
  7. A Search Bar : An easy search bar for your visitors to explore diverse topics of their interest.
  8. Social Share Buttons : You want to make an online presence.And what better than social media. Give your visitors a chance to share your blogs.Do add social share buttons at place where they are clearly visible.
  9. Comment Section : Feedback from the visitors of your blog.This sounds interesting and helps you connect with your audience.But,beware of spammy comments and approve only the genuine ones.
  10. E-mail subscription tool : Having an e-mail subscription tool is indeed a great way to win regular visitors to your blog or website.You can send weekly newsletters or share some of your latest blog posts to your subscriber list.This is a great way to grow your blog and make it popular.

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