Month: March 2017

Best vtiger hosting providers and plans

Vtiger is a popular open source CRM solution. It is an offshoot of popular SugarCRM CE. However, over the past few years, vtiger has moved quite a bit ahead from the SugarCRM CE edition and has added a plethora of modules and functionalities for the users of the CRM. Since then the CRM has not looked backwards and has gathered a lot of user base with lots of developers also building lots of plugin and working in the ecosystem. As the open source version of vtiger is self hosted, we discuss best vtiger hosting providers and plans that you can host your CRM application on. Here are the various criterion that we consider while analysing the vtiger hosting providers: Memory: vtiger is a CRM and CRMs are transactional applications. They need a generous amount of memory so we will preferably go for a good VPS provider. Pricing: Pricing is an important point to consider while buying a server since it can get quite costly to host a CRM if the pricing of server is not within our reach. Technology Stack: Although vtiger uses a very popular LAMP stack which most of the hosting providers give. We give preference to the hosting providers where a single click or no click installers are present for vtiger hosting. Storage: Storage is also an important consideration while looking out for vtiger hosting providers. There can be a...

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Redmine Installation Guide : How to install Redmine on Shared/Dedicated Host

Redmine is a popular Project management software. Redmine is built on top of RoR (Ruby on Rails) and the redmine installation is very similar to how one would go about installation an RoR application. This however can get overwhelming and time consuming if you have not installed RoR apps before since RoR apps are a bit different to setup than their PHP counterparts. However, if you have been setting up CakePHP apps before, you might find it a bit easier. Here is a step by step redmine installation guide which will help you even if you are installing it for...

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vTiger vs SuiteCRM: Features and usability Comparison

vTiger and SuiteCRM are both open source CRM solutions and are being widely used in the industry. Both of them are the offshoots of the SugarCRM CE and have added quite a lot of functionality since. They both are loved equally by the business owners and are actively developed and supported by the developers of the software and the community alike. The post digs deep into various factors while deciding vtiger vs suitecrm for your business implementation. While the main motto of vTiger is Grow Sales, Improve Marketing ROI, and Deliver Great Customer Service, SuiteCRM intends to build a software to...

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vTiger vs SugarCRM : Detailed Features and Overall Comparison

vTiger and SugarCRM are two popular open source CRM software systems. vTiger is a fork of SugarCRM CE adopted back in the past. SugarCRM has adopted the premium approach since then. They do maintain the SugarCRM Community Edition version though, it is less maintained than other corresponding CRMs. This post looks at the vTiger vs SugarCRM comparison and acts as a guide on which one you should implement. Please note that both vTiger and SugarCRM come in both free and paid versions, this blog intends to compare the open source free versions only. Installation and Pre-requisites Since vTiger is...

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SuiteCRM vs SugarCRM – Review and Comparison

This post is a SuiteCRM vs SugarCRM guide. We review and compare the both CRMs on various factors and how you can chose between the two. At the end of the post, we hope that you will be able to make an informed choice between the implementation SugarCRM or SuiteCRM in your organisation. SugarCRM is one of the very first open source CRMs to hit the CRM market. It has been a popular choice as an Open Source CRM for many years now. Over the year, SugarCRM has evolved a lot of over the years and has given way to many...

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