A cloud based automation software to run your service business. Accelo is there to manage your client based activities in a streamlined and powerful way.

Accelo can fit any service business, managing their team and processes. Also, referred as the "ServOps" platform i.e. Service Operation Software allows you to assemble and connect different parts of your business at one place. You can easily run and manage all your client work at a single place with this useful Project Management Software.

Key Points to Consider

  1. Plan and deliver your work on timely basis with this handy tool.
  2. Send template emails, and create follow up meetings.
  3. A centralized email inbox system where all client information is archived.
  4. Shared client database helps you see real time client data.
  5. From ticket tracking to auto billing, getting paid for a project just got much easier.
  6. Track opportunities and handle ongoing work, and send quotes for new projects.
  7. Get remote access through its android and iOS applications.
  8. Sync it easily with Google Apps, Office365 etc.
  9. Easy accounting sync with Quickbooks and Xero.
  10. Grab an overview of the tasks performed, and team's effectiveness to have a more profitable business. 

Project and client management, invoicing and automatic time tracking are the key highlights of this software. Accelo has been designed specifically for professional services organizations serving a number of clients. 

You can enjoy a free trial! The Pricing starts from 39$ a month for minimum 3 users only. For having a fully loaded version of Accelo, you need to look for the paid subscription therein.

Accelo Features


Cost-to-Completion Tracking


Time Tracking

Expense Tracking

Milestone Tracking


Portfolio Management


Budget Management

Resource Management

Agile Methodologies

Gantt Chart

Task Management

Collaboration Tools

Task Management

Recurring Task Management