Bazo is an all-in-one marketing automation software for tracking all the visitor's details from the website. Set up automation and get leads by using customizable options from the dashboard.

Software Type: Marketing Automation Software

Developer: Bazo

Operating System: Online/ iOS

Bazo: An Overview

Bazo is a marketing automation tool which is essential for managing the information related to website visitors. The tool can be used to collect data from the visitors or leads. It let the users see the popular pages of the website and let them add customizable chatbot or automation for collecting information from the visitors. The collected data can be further analyzed by using the report and analytics option and it can be also exported in CSV format for any third-party uses.

Bazo: Key Points to Consider

· Leads: Bazo let users set personalized chats on website pages to attract more leads. It let one choose the way they want to collect information from the visitors. One can use the leave a message option of website, collect email option, calling option, redirect option and more. All the options are customizable, so users can add photo, gifs, and videos or add custom fields to collect any information they want. 

· Automation: The automation option let users choose when they want to use a particular message, field or image in their website. The automation let them choose the time, website location, appearance, let them set automated pop-ups and more. 

· Marketing: Bazo offer option where users can view the website visitors from a single place. See the information about them such as name, contact number, email and much more. It not only lets one see the data of the visitors but also show data related to any company who has visited any page of the website. It can give data about their website, contact number, phone number, total visits and more. Users can further export the data as a CSV file for any third-party uses. 

· Report and Analytics: Bazo let the users see all the information in one place. By using the Report and Analytics feature users can analyze the efficiency of their marketing campaign and optimize it further to boost their sales. It offers information regarding page visitors, popular pages, average time on the page and more. It also gives data about the device of the website visitors, their browser, bounce rate and much more. Finally, users can export all the data as a CSV format easily from the dashboard. 

· Integrations: A lot of integrations and plugin are available which can be configured with the platform for increasing the efficiency and get a better result. The popular integrations are WordPress, Slack and more. Apart from the integrations it also offers various plugin such as WordPress plugin which can be directly installed on any WordPress site to connect the tool with the website directly from the there. 

· Dedicated Support: Bazo has a dedicated support team for helping the first time users to set up the tool easily with their website and they can be always reached through email and calls. 

Bazo: Pricing & Plans

Bazo offers a lot of pricing and plans to its users. One can try the tool for free. To use the premium features users can buy their pro plans and the prices for the pro plans starts from 71 USD.

Bazo Review

Bazo is a great tool for executing marketing operations from a single place. The customizable lead generation feature can help you to boost your sales and help you to analyze the efficiency of their marketing campaign and optimize it further.

Bazo Features

Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation