Beekeeper is a community-building platform normally suitable for businesses. The platform has all the functionalities to build a community portal for all the employees and engaging with everyone from a single platform.

Software Type: Community Software

Developer: Beekeeper

Operating System: Online

Beekeeper: An Overview

Beekeeper is a community portal building platform which has all the essential functionalities such as a User directory where you can explore various employees profile and also easily generate a QR code to log a coworker into the mobile app. The dashboard menus give insights into app usage, access powerful communication tools, and digitize workflows.

Beekeeper: Key Points to Consider

Community Portal: 

Beekeeper has all the essential features to easily communicate with all the employees and connect with them. Users can create their profile; message others by using the chat function. The streams option gives a comprehensive overview of the content that is being shared in the portal. 

The notification bar give updates about the latest interactions and finally, the user directory is to explore the other user's profile. Users can also upload folders and files and share them with other members from the document library option.


The dashboard tool has various essential features such as schedule shifting, requesting vacation, expense submission form, and more. Users can start their survey and campaigns, add users, and change the style and color schemes directly from the dashboard tools.


The Analytics function gives a detailed overview of various information such as user engagement, information of benchmark, active user data, registered user, posts, chats and so on. It also provides various ways to increase user engagement by designing customized surveys, campaigns, setting up login instructions and much more.


The marketplace option offers a range of plugin which can be configured with the community platform to make it more users friendly and unique. It also lets the users create various bot account for them by turning on the developer mode and navigating to the extension option of the dashboard menu.

Beekeeper: Pricing & Plans

Beekeeper offers four plans such as essential, business, business pro and enterprise. One can use the essential plan for free. To use the other available plans users will need to upgrade their plan and price will vary according to their plan selection.

Additional Features

Cross-Platform Availability: 

The software is available for all the devices such as Windows, Android, iOS. Users can also use the software online. The platform feature can be easily configured and customized.

APIs and Integrations: 

Beekeeper offer a lot of API options even for the bot account the user creates for them. The API key can be configured with the external software and platforms to offer interactive chatbots to answer employees’ questions and to get instant access to HR information. Apart from the API options it also offers various webhooks and integration options that can be accessed from the developer menu.

Beekeeper: Conclusion

Beekeeper offers a complete package to build a community platform for your employees or co-workers. Members can easily communicate with each other, share files, create campaigns or surveys to stay connected anywhere and anytime.

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