(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

Angular 4 is a latest version of Angular by Google. While we were developing one of our websites, we came across many good Angular 4(Angular 2 originally) Books, tutorials, courses and other resources. We intend to list them in this blog and keep the blog updated for the latest versions or good resources that hit the market. If you are looking forĀ  best angular 4 books, tutorials, angular 4 sample apps, Angular 4 resources and other useful angular 4 references, then you have landed at the perfect place.

Angular 4 Books

ng-book : ng-book – The complete book on Angular 4 is the one of the best Angular 4 Books around. It covers from basic to deep Angular concepts in easy to understand way. The book is structured very well and gives a thorough understanding of the basic concepts including Components, Views etc as well as a good idea of advanced topics like using Redux, Observables, Reactive programming etc.

Though the price of the book is on higher side, but the book is bang the buck.

Checkout ng-book on Amazon

Angular 2 Cookbook

Rated as 4.5 on Amazon, Angular 2 cookbook is one of the best books around. Random Easter eggs make the book even interesting to read. Price is manageable and the articles deep enough to get you a good understanding on concepts of Angular 2 / Angular 4.

Checkout Angular 2 cookbook on Amazon

Angular 2: A Practical introduction

The book sells on learnpub.com and is highly popular for those looking to hook into Angular 4. Since the book is in E-book format, the book is continuously updated with new release of Angular 4. So you keep getting the updates after making one single payment.

Angular 4 Courses

Courses are a rage on web these days. Video courses delivered over udemy, coursera etc drive more consumers than the physical books these days. Some of them are much more affordable than even the books and you get the additional advantage of free updates since the course is delivered over the web. Here we look at some of the popular courses:

Angular 4: From Theory to Practice and a Free E-book

The course consists of 15 hours on-demand video, 38 Articles and a Free e-book. The course is very well received on udemy and is one of the popular courses.

The complete Angular Course: Beginning to Advanced

This is also one of the popular courses on udemy and covers videos of 29.5 hours, 10 Articles and 38 resources. The icing on the cake is to build a practical ecommerce app on top of Angular 4, firebase and Bootstrap 4 combo. The price is also really genuine and the course is highly recommended for starters.

Egghead’s Angular 2 Course

Egghead can’t be left behind when it comes to tutorials for latest technologies. The course on Egghead should be a really good starting point.

Angular 2 from ground up

One of the best value of money courses on Udemy, you can take this course up even if you want to code angular with ES5/6 rather than typescript. This is perhaps one of the USP of the course apart from its generous pricing.


We keep updating this blog with latest courses and material about Angular 4. Please feel free to drop any good courses or material that you have come across and we will update the blog for our readers. Keep visiting !!