Blink is a community software to build an online community platform for various activities. It has all the essential features to create and manage your community portal efficiently.

Software Type: Community Software

Developer: Blink

Operating System: Online/Android/iOS

Blink: An Overview

Blink is a tool to create unique online community portals for various activities. The tool is more suitable for businesses to manage their day to day activities and collaborations. It has features like a feed to see the content shared by the other members, a chat board to communicate with others, a directory to explore and follow other member's profiles. 

It also offers an admin portal where the admin can customize the online community by adding the logo, selecting the theme and color and so on. Members can also invite others from the invite menu which is located on the homepage. The cross-platform availability makes it accessible from various devices.

Blink: Key Points to Consider

Online community portal: 

Blink can build an online community portal very quickly. The signup and the setup process is easy even for the first time users. It offers all the essential features an online community portal should have such as a feed page, chatbox, notification bar, member directory and more. It also offers a hub content section where members can upload any content and share any folder with the other members easily.

Admin Portal: 

The admin portal of Blink has all the customization and managing options for creating a unique community platform. Here one can manage the users, teams, add key contacts, set up user privileges, and can also create aliases for the community members. Admin can activate the two-step authentication offered by Blink to securing the admin portal from any potential threat.

Content Management: 

The admin portal gives access to the content management menu where one can easily create and manage all the contents, add quick links or sections. The content management section has a unique feature called Mandatory Reads where admin can view all pages marked as a Mandatory Read. Pages marked as a Mandatory Read are highlighted to users and require users to confirm that they have read the content of the page.

Community Insights: 

The insight section of the platform give access to the data about all the users, feed interactions, messages and so on. Admin can filter the reports based on teams, days, months and more. The audit log section gives the insight of everything going on in real-time and let the admin download it for the third party uses.

Blink: Pricing & Plans

Blink offers various pricing and plans to the users. One can use the platform for free. The premium plans start from 3 USD.

Other Important points

Application and Feed: 

The application and feed section of Blink offer a lot of third party custom integrations. Some of the popular integrations are Dropbox, Github, Google, Office365, Salesforce, Trello, Typeform and more. The custom integration option let the user create integrations which are not available in the platform and let you configure with other third-party platforms easily.

Account and Security:  

The account and security option various features where the admin can add details about the company, set up a custom domain, personalize the look and feel of the community portal welcome video and much more. 

The account and security also offer an authentication feature where admin can select the authentication method for existing and future team members. The bulk authentication method is available where admin can set up various third-party integrations. Apart from that it also offers the Touch ID and Face ID authentications for better security and convenience.

Blink: Final Verdict

Blink has all the feature to create a unique online community portal easily. The security feature and the customization options are some of the best features one can look for while choosing this platform.

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