Blizz is a web conferencing software packed with all the essential meeting tools you need to interact with your teams and clients.

Blizz Quick Review

Name: Blizz

Type: Web Conferencing

Developer: Team Viewer

License Price: Starting from $7.99 to $16.99 per month

A Detailed Review

Blizz is a web conferencing software developed by the famous Team Viewer developer team. The tool can be used for making conference calls for team messaging and huge group meetings. More than 300 people can meet and chat with each other which makes it one of the best web conferencing software available in the market. The tool is packed with all the essential meeting tools you need to interact with your teams and clients. You can use it in both online and offline so you can connect with others from anywhere, any time.  

Blizz: Key Points to Consider

1. Desktop and Mobile Collaboration Companion: Blizz is available for computer and mobile. So you will be always connected with your teammates. Users can simply download it on their device and start using it instantly. Users can invite others by using email and number.

2. 4K Screen Sharing with Multi-Monitor Support: It will let you share your screen with your teammates very easily during a meeting. You can select what you want to share and what you don't want to share. You can either share the whole screen or you can only share the screen of a specific application.

3. HD Video Conferencing: The quality you will get while using this online tool is amazing on its own. It offers video conferencing in HD quality. It doesn't matter you are using it on your computer or on your mobile, you will always get the best quality across all platform.

4. VoIP Voice Conferencing: You can use Blizz for making voice calls as well. It offers crystal clear audio quality to make voice conferencing with your teammates. By using this you can call any Blizz contact directly from your PC or mobile.

5. Secure Team-Chat: If security and privacy is your main concern then this web conferencing software can offer you that as well. All the chats, voice call and video calls and highly encrypted and all messages are securely stored in the cloud, forever.

6. Conference Recording: You can record all your voice and video calls and meeting and play it around later as many times as you want. Record and capture all your meetings and screen sharing sessions with stunning 4K quality.

Blizz: Pricing Options

Blizz comes with a lot of buying options, which includes Free, Crew 50, Crew 100, and Company versions. The price license price can range from $7.99/month/host to $16.99/month/host (as per your plan selection).

Additional Features

· Dial-In Numbers: Blizz offers more than 50 Dial-In numbers of various countries. A dial-in number is a number that you share with callers so they can connect with you directly and immediately, which makes the process faster and affordable.

· Easy Meeting Joining Option: Anyone can directly join a meeting by putting the meeting ID on the official website. This way you don't even have to download the software in your device.

We think that Blizz is an amazing web conferencing software which anyone can use to make video and voice calls to anyone and anywhere very easily, which makes it a great and must-have tool for everyone.

Blizz Features

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Real-time Chat

Two-way Audio & Video

Video Conferencing

Private Chat

Record & Playback

On-Demand Webcasting

Presentation Tool

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