Month: February 2017

SuiteCRM Installation Guide: How to install SuiteCRM on server

SuiteCRM alongside vTiger CRM is a popular offshoot of SugarCRM community edition. This blog is suitecrm installation guide for installing SuiteCRM on Shared/VPS/Dedicated Server. Same steps can be followed if you want to install and test SuiteCRM on your local system. Step by Step Guide to SuiteCRM Installation : 1. SuiteCRM Installation Pre-requisites SuiteCRM is an offshoot of SugarCRM Community edition and is built on top of LAMP stack(Linux, Apache, mysql, PHP). The SuiteCRM can be installed on top of nginx as well so no worries if you want to run it on top of nginx. Here  are some recommended...

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vTiger Installation Guide: How to install vTiger on shared/VPS/Dedicated Hosting

vTiger CRM is a popular web based CRM for customer, contact, sales management and marketing automation. It is an extensive application and can help you automate many parts of your customer acquisition flow. No doubt that it has gained a lot of foot in the market offlate. This post is a step by step vTiger installation guide on how to install vTiger CRM on shared/VPS/Dedicated hosting. We will try to cover all the hosting variants in this post. The post however is not restricted to hosting only and you can follow the same steps to install vTiger CRM on your...

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9 Tools to schedule automatic future tweets

Twitter is an important medium in modern day internet marketing. Whether you are a startup or an established business, building a brand on twitter is important for everyone. Twitter marketing can however get overwhelming and sometimes you might feel a need to schedule future tweets automatically. This blog looks at various tools available in the market to schedule automatic future tweets. There are many tools available in the market to help you with your marketing automation on twitter. The tools vary widely from their offerings starting from simple tweet automation to rss feed tweet automation to complex automation on...

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15 Best Free Magazine Blogger Templates for 2019

Are you looking for a collection of Best Free Magazine Blogger Templates that are beautiful & highly responsive. If yes, this post on free magazine style blogger templates will surely guide you in your blogging journey. Magazine Blogger Templates: Importance The Blogging profession has been in fashion since the past few years. From a part time activity, blogging has turned out to be a full time profession for millions of bloggers. Amongst various other blogging platforms “Blogger” is one of the oldest blogging platform made by Google. “Google Blogger” makes it rather easy for you design your blog in a...

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15 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes 2019

Through this blog we shall be showcasing some of the Best Free WordPress Portfolio themes. These free WordPress portfolio themes are best suited to freelancers, creative designers, photographers or any kind of businesses or creative persons. The ones who wish to put their best works on display. Portfolio theme is a perfect way to give a short glimpse of your work experience and talent to people who will potentially become your clients or employer, as the case may be.These customizable and free WordPress portfolio themes can help both individuals as well as companies in promoting their business. Having a...

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