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Looking for easy ways on how to save battery on Android phone, you have landed on the perfect place to grab some exclusive ways to increase life of your android phone.

Through this blog we shall be highlighting few important and effective tips and tricks on how to save battery of your Android phone.This shall be your complete guide to improving the battery life of your android phone.

Since the past few years,technology has advanced, we have moved from simple mobile phones to android phones.These phones have become very popular among today’s youth. In fact, possessing an android phone has become the latest fad amongst youngsters.

But,the issue of longevity of battery has not been in similar pace to other technological advancements. We do face problems as far as battery life of our smartphone is concerned.

The battery normally gets drained out after few hours of usage.So,here you shall be knowing 7 exclusive tips to increase your phone’s battery.

7 Tips on How to save battery on Android phone :

1. Check the Battery status :

First and foremost, you need to checkout where your maximum battery is getting drained. For this go to Settings > Battery option in your phone.This will show an organised breakdown of your phone’s battery.All the Applications and features that are installed shall be displayed. Now,what you can do here is,uninstall the applications that you don’t use. This will definitely help you save some battery for your android device.

2. Turn off connectivity features not in use :

It is always advisable to turn off various connectivity features while not in use.You don’t need to stay connected 24/7.So,if you are busy in some other work especially when spending time with your family and friends and not using your phone, you can anyways turn off the connectivity features.

These connectivity features include :

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi
  • Mobile data
  • Location (GPS) etc.

This will not only boost battery of your phone, but you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Isn’t that great ?

Also,dump any unnecessary home screen widgets that might contribute to draining of your phone’s battery.

3. Prefer Wi-fi over Mobile data :

If you get an option to choose between Wi-fi or mobile data service, you should always prefer Wi-fi. This will drain less of your phone’s battery. While in office, you might already be using Wi-fi. But at home also, if you have a Wi-fi connection, try using that only. Avoid usage of mobile data at places where wi-fi is available unless it is extremely necessary.

4. Turn down the brightness :

Now,this one just amazed me.Turning down the brightness of your mobile phone helps to save battery. Yes you got it right. It actually increases your phone’s battery life. I am sure many of you might not be aware of this. But,that is true. I know most of us like using a bright background but not at the cost of your phone’s battery.Right…

So,try using a dark coloured background on your phone.The more dark pixels you have, lesser power is required to light them.Hence,less battery is drained in this.

Also,turnoff the automatic brightness feature on your phone.This shows excessive brightness than what you actually need.So,better to set the brightness of your phone manually.

You may find this adaptive/auto brightness feature in the following ways in different phones:

  • Quick settings > Auto (with a box) : You need to uncheck this option to turn off automatic brightness.
  • Settings > Display > Brightness level  : You need to turn the adaptive brightness feature off.

5. Limit vibration feature/alerts :

Setting your phone on vibration mode is a common practice followed when we are not in a mood to attend a call or if we are busy somewhere else. But,do you know, that setting your phone excessively on vibration mode can reduce the battery life of your phone. So, use the vibration mode only when necessary.Try to turn off vibration alerts until you actually need them.

6. Update your apps :

Updating you applications or apps is really essential for your android phone. So,try keeping your apps up-to-date and make sure they are optimized for battery life.The developers also ensure updating apps from time to time as this is best for memory or battery optimization.

And,yes don’t forget to delete any old apps that you have in your phone and that are no longer used.These old apps just don’t sit idle on your phone, but they actually drain your phone’s battery. You won’t know and any of these old apps might be running some background processes that might just be sufficient to chew up RAM and the battery life of your android phone as well.

7. Use Battery saver :

Explore the battery saving features of your android phone.It will have some battery saving inbuilt features.

Don’t worry even if you are unable to find plenty of inbuilt options to save battery life.You can at least go for the basic battery saver mode in your phone. This will also add up in saving a small percentage of your android phone’s battery.

A Bonus tip

On a lighter note, this one exclusive battery saving tip is for parents, just try to keep your phones away from your kids, and look you will save a lot on your phone’s battery 🙂 Lesser games, lesser videos downloaded,lesser phone usage will automatically end up saving a large portion of your android phone’s battery.

So, if you are still thinking on how to save battery on android phone,do practice these small steps and have a longer life for your android phone’s battery.

These simple yet fruitful tips if implemented properly shall make a number of android users like you and me happy. You will love to have a prolonged battery life for your phone.The most important part being,you don’t need to be an android expert to follow them.

Even a non-tech savvy person can get the maximum benefit out of these simple tricks.

Enjoy using your android phone !

Did I miss anything ? Do you have any other ideas on how to save battery on android phones ?

Feel free to add any other battery saving tips or any useful ways to improve the battery life of your android phone.

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