(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

You might be familiar with Canva : A Free Graphic Design Tool  that helps you create stunning images, beautiful designs and professional graphics which are likely to appeal anyone.Through this blog we shall make you familiar with few Canva alternatives i.e.Graphic Design Software just like Canva.

No matter you are a blogger,a graphic designer or any other professional, if you are not satisfied with just one tool. That’s ok…Its normal human tendency to search for something more, something extra to hunt for ! So,If you are looking for some other similar graphic design software or simple and easy to use “Canva Alternatives” this blog might really be of your interest.

We have shortlisted some of the popular Canva alternatives or Software/Apps similar to Canva that you can use to accomplish your graphic tasks.

The quality and features of Canva are just amazing and incomparable.In fact, I have been using it for quite sometime now and have created a wide range of images and infographics through it. I couldn’t realise that designing can be so easy and so much fun until I used “Canva”.It is just so simple to use even for beginners who are non designers.To sum up, I would say “Canva” is a perfect solution to your graphic needs and indeed a great graphic design tool !

However, there is no harm in adding a variety to your graphic design collection by using the services offered by similar graphic design software or applications.The best part is that you don’t need to be a professional designer for using these graphic software.They are so user friendly that you can yourself learn to create impressive visuals and designs.

I am the one who keeps on exploring new software and apps that can add up to my skills.Why not, one can anyways try a new approach or different software and that’s what I have highlighted here.

So,lets get started and dig deeper into this exclusive range of Canva Alternatives

Canva Alternatives : 5 Best Graphic Design Software 2018

1. GetStencil

GetStencil or Stencil is a perfect alternative to Canva. In fact,it seems to be a tough competitor for Canva and has expanded its user base strongly over the years.I have started using this app recently and feel so comfortable to adapt to it.This is quite user friendly and an easy to learn application which does not require any professional formal training.That’s really cool ! This is what I love about it !

You can create simple to highly professional images for your blog, business or social media marketing that too in a fast manner.The background photos, the inspiring quotes, the amazing templates and icons and other customisation features let you create mesmerising images in just few minutes.

Have you noticed…The featured image for this blog post has been created using GetStencil only…Wow! Simple yet adorable ! Isn’t it ? Making such beautiful images can be possible through GetStencil Software..

2. DesignBold

Designbold is another popular name to add in the list of Graphic Design Software.Beautiful stock photos,layouts, templates,high resolution editing surely add to its advantages.Think of creating a unique visual piece,and here you go, just get your graphics ready in few simple taps.This user friendly software is loaded with awesome templates that anybody can’t resist to work upon.

The free version offers you limited access to its features.However, when you upgrade to the Pro plan, you can grab a whole bundle of additional benefits and advanced functions.

3. PickMonkey 

If you are in the graphics field PickMonkey is a name you might have already heard about.Bringing your ideas to life with the help of this great graphic tool is so easy.If you want to enhance your creative self and outshine with your graphics work, this app might be a perfect fit for you.

This comes packed with numerous features like Designer made templates,photo editing,touch up tools,design tools, collage making and the list goes on.

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4. Piktochart

Piktochart is an easy to use infographic maker to fit in your style.Hundreds of professionally designed templates to choose from,bulk of charts and icons with various built in options are in store for you to create your own masterpiece.

The infographics created through this graphic tool are likely to turn heads around and get you enthralled by the powerful visuals.A really good and friendly to use software that can indeed be a part of your Graphic design tools.

5. Snappa

When we talk of Graphic designs,”Snappa” is another common choice to create online graphics in a quick way.Your perfect image creation is just few clicks away with this easy to use graphic tool.The features include pre-designed templates, high resolution stock photos, text, graphics, sharing options that are irresistible.

Snappa is a good fit even for non-designers and creative minds looking forward to build up visual content and grow their business.

6. Design Wizard

Design Wizard, another convenient graphic design tool that will ensure you spend less time and effort on creating high-quality visual content. Thousands of templates and over 1 million images can be personalised to suit your needs.

Make the best use of these designs on social media, posters, banners, ads, cards and invitations. Design Wizard is growing all the time; it helps people to achieve their goals through vibrant visual content. The website is currently adding new images and templates to their library on a daily basis. Their aim is to make design accessible to all, which is why they offer all integrations and features free to every user.

This is my list of popular Canva alternatives.I shall keep on updating the list as and when I come across some new names worth mentioning here.

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For now, this list shall surely guide you to complete your next assignment or pending project wherein you require to create gorgeous images and graphics.

Just remember, these graphic software offer a Free plan with limited features and benefits only.In order to get access to better and advanced features, you may upgrade to Pro plans, of course by paying some fee.The selection of plan basically depends on your purpose,usage and most importantly the amount that you wish to spend on these graphic design tools.

This post contains affiliate links.You might grab some good offers, we might be earning certain commission if you purchase.Of course, at no extra cost to you !

If the basic free plans are just sufficient to meet your needs, you can stick to it.Otherwise, you can easily switch over to the best paid plan as and when your requirements and business increases.

Have you tried any of the above Canva alternatives or any other Similar Graphic design Software or Apps ? Do you have any other name in mind to add to our list of “Canva Alternatives” ? If yes…Do share your experiences and opinions on any of the Graphic design software in the comment section below.