(Last Updated On: September 4, 2017)

Have you heard about “Canva” one of the Best Graphic Design Software. If yes…you have already entered the beautiful creative arena.If no, you are really missing the wonderful and mesmerising world of graphics. “Canva” is a unique online graphics tool that you will surely love to explore.We have given an exclusive “Canva Review” for you to dig deeper and get complete insights on the same may it be Canva features and benefits or any other relevant details thereof.

In my blogging expedition so far, I came across this exceptionally interesting and useful graphic tool almost a year back. Since then I have enjoyed using every bit of it.It was through “Canva” that I could create some really stunning designs and cool infographics. I had such a pleasing journey using this graphics software, this is what compelled me to write about this awesome graphics software.I couldn’t resist sharing my memorable experience to help others looking or any such graphic tools.

Canva Review : Features and Benefits :

  • Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software : Canva is really a very simple tool that can be used by anyone may it be a newcomer or a professional.That’s why its a real favourite of beginners. You can get started by simply making an account here and bring your imagination to life through this special online tool.Login whenever you feel like and get set go…Create your unique design !
  • Easy To Use : No formal training or course required for using this great tool.Now, how good this is, you can well imagine yourself.An easy to use graphic software just ready to help you create your own masterpieces.I was a beginner in this graphics field but this user friendly graphic tool came to my rescue.
  • Free Plan : The best part is that you get to enjoy premium like features even in its free version.Although limited features, but the visuals that you will make using this tool are likely to entice your audience in no time. Canva offers paid plans, its upgraded version providing a number of advanced features that you may not get in the free plan. As an amateur or a beginners you can well settle for a free plan as well.
  • Customisation : You can easily customise the images you make as per your needs.The beautiful templates,the beautiful fonts, the touching background and visually appealing layouts are the key highlights of this best graphic design software.
  • Social compatibility : This has been designed to be a good fit for any of the social media channels.Think of a social media channel, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram you will get a whole range of options and templates to create a good design and make it a part of any of these social media posts.
  • A Complete solution : Yes, this is a complete graphic software in each and every respect that can guide you to boost your productivity and build your personal brand through its awesome visual content.Moreover, if you are designing for a social post,a blog,a business presentation,e-books,business card,logo or any purpose for that matter, “Canva” is a perfect answer to all your graphic design queries.

Best part of Using Canva Software or Canva App :

Canva gives you an expert like feeling even if you are an amateur.You can use Canva on your computer,laptop or mobile and create online designs very quickly.”Canva” is suitable for web plus you can also download the Canva app to your android phone or i-phone thereby giving an instant graphic design solution to millions of its users.

Canva is a complete and comprehensive package in itself. In the present world of social media, Canva on web or the Canva app on your mobile, that allows instant and easy sharing of your visuals is likely to entice anyone.If you get used to it, nothing can appeal you better.That’s how one gets addicted to using this awesome software.The bulk of free features is a big advantage for beginners who are low on budget and can’t spend on expensive graphic tools.

I tried its various impressive features while converting my thoughts into professional looking graphical designs.I was a beginner then, of course not now… I learnt a lot about Canva since the day I started using it and found it so handy and felt it so simple to use.You can feel the same too!

However, in the internet world, the market is full of a variety of online graphic design tools.If you wish to add something extra to your software collection, you can also have a look at some of the Canva alternatives.

My favourite is indeed “Canva”. Although I haven’t tried all the other options.I am quite inquisitive and will keep on trying some others also.Don’t worry I will definitely let you know about them as well in my other posts. But,still this one is in my priority list, if I need to refer the best graphic design software to my friends.

Have you tried “Canva : Best Graphic Design Software” or thinking to do so ? What are you waiting for ? Don’t miss to checkout the amazing features that this graphic design software has in store for you.Do share the experience you have while using this design software or any other that you wish to share with us.