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Comm100 live chat is unified live chat management software for all types of small and medium-sized businesses. It has all the essential features such as live chat, ticketing and messaging, bots, knowledgebase, reporting, and more.

Software Type: Live Chat Software

Developer: Comm100

Operating System: Online/ Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

Comm100 live chat: An Overview

Comm100 live chat is easy to use and unified live chat management system to deliver the best experience to the website visitors and support them with their issues. The system is suitable for all types of small and medium-sized businesses. It has features like live chat, ticketing and messaging functionalities, Bots etc. 

The software also offers knowledgebase to set up the system efficiently for the first time users. Apart from live chat it also offers Omni chat facilities that have functions like post surveys and rating system, auto-translation, multi-chat functionality and more.

Comm100 live chat: Key Points to Consider

 Live Chat:

Comm100 live chat is very easy to set up and it offers various functionalities from a single dashboard. The live chat option has functions for east online and chat option where it even offers a function to simulate a chat to get the idea of how the real chat would go. It has an option to create campaigns. One can customize anything from the chat button to pre and post-chat messages, language and collect information from the visitors and invite them later. With maximum on technology, they offer two servers which are hosted on two separate data centers to achieve 100% uptime.

 Ticketing and Messaging:

It also offers a feature for creating tickers for easy management of the incoming chats from the visitors. One can set up various channels and see all the new tickets, pending tickets and unassigned tickets from a single dashboard. It offers quick access to view and replies to the open tickets, adding channel accounts and agents whenever required.


Comm100 Bot allows you to add an automated virtual agent for live chat service, which helps to cut service costs and reduce the reliance on human agents. Bot’s powerful natural language processing and machine learning ability mean it can do so much more than just answer frequently asked questions. It has features like natural language processing, business operations, smart trigger, quick replies, personalized responses, multiple responses, visitors rating, bulk import, etc. It can also collect visitor's information by questioning them and later offer location bases services to them. The bot supports more than 30 languages.


It has a reporting option that provides detailed information about chat volume, chats source, waiting time, agent performance, workload, efficiency, and rating. Apart from that one can offer various pre and post-chat surveys for collecting feedback from the visitors and much more.

Comm100 live chat: Pricing & Plans

Comm100 live chat offers various pricing options. It offers a free plan where 3 agents can use the software for free. It also offers various premium plans and their prices start from 29 USD.

 Other Important points

 Integration and APIs:

It offers a lot of integrations and APIs, webhooks, custom variables etc. Some of them are Zendesk, Google Analytics, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, GoTo Meeting, Join me, Zapier, and more.


Comm100 offers an extensive knowledge base which anyone can use to learn about the various functions and uses of this tool and which can be beneficial to first time users.

Comm100 live chat:Conclusion

Comm100 live chat has all the functions to offer live chat functionality to any website which can be customized as per the individual requirements and can offer a unified live chat solution for everyone.

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