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DesignCap: Make Graphic Designs Online

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a truth that is still more valid than ever. Surely you have heard that the content shared on the Internet works much better if it is accompanied by images. And there are several reasons: the excess of information that is shared today; the ability to attention is much shorter; and in terms to the brain, it is more accustomed to visual stimuli than any other type; images are much more attractive than only text. 

Therefore, if you have an online blog or website, it is vital that your page has an elegant, careful and representative content image of your publication. In fact, it is also important that this image is of high quality even if it is only your personal profile - remember that your online image has more weight in real life. 

You can simply create posters, flyers, cards, infographic, brochures etc. through the DesignCap graphic tool.

Here we bring you DesignCap infographic designer with which you can create the perfect image content for your website or blog.

DesignCap: Infographic Maker

  1. To use DesignCap it is necessary to create a free user account, which you can do with an email address or with your Facebook or Google account. But it is really worth it, because it is a complete suite of graphic design that you can use for many other things.
  2. In its section of creating infographic images for website content (which you can access from the "Get Started Now" button at its homepage), DesignCap literally puts at your disposal dozens of predefined designs ready to use. 
  3. The designs can be fully modified to your liking, eliminating for example a text that accompanies them to put another.
  4. If you prefer to make your own infographic design from scratch, DesignCap also makes it easy for you. 
  5. With the millions of icons and stock photos online, you can easily create your image in a few minutes by adding text, stock photos, charts, elements, modules & backgrounds, etc. 
  6. You can also upload your own photos to DesignCap for later use. 
  7. Once everything is finished, it's convenient to share it anywhere with the image URL. 
  8. You can also save it to your computer as well. 
  9. What’s more, it’s available to save the project under your account to re-edit it any time later. 

DesignCap Features

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