Designcap is an amazing tool for creating beautiful graphic designs with ease. An online graphic software that helps you create stunning designs and reach a bigger audience for your business.

Software Type: Graphics Design Software

Developer: PearlMountain

Operating System: Online-Web Based

Designcap: An Overview

Designcap is a leading graphics design software which offers very easy to use, drag and drop based graphics designing solution to its users. Tons of premade templates are available to use by using which users can create infographics, posters, flyers, presentations with ease. 

Users can explore the resource list of the software which contains millions of arts such as beautiful fonts, shapes, backgrounds, and so on. This is online web-based graphic design software so users don't need to download it to their devices. The finest part is that it is free. 

Designcap: Key Points to Consider

Drag and Drop Graphic Design: 

Designing beautiful graphics is a lengthy process. But not anymore with Designcap! As it offers a drag and drop facility by using which anyone can create beautiful graphic designs in a matter of time. 

Template Library: 

Designcap has a built-in template library that contains thousands of premade templates that help in creating professionally designed infographics, presentations, various social media graphics, flyers, posters, and much more. 

Editing Tools: 

Users can edit their images in any way possible by using tons of built-in editing tools such as beautiful fonts, color schemes, pictures, videos, resource library, and whatnot. Users can unleash their creativity by using Designcap. 

Art & Resource: 

Users can use beautifully designed and professional quality art and resource lists such as fonts, shapes, backgrounds, and so on. It also contains millions of stock images which can also be used anytime to make beautiful graphic designs.

Visual Charts: 

Businesses can use professional quality visual chats which to present the data and report to their clients well. Users can use images, text, shapes to create attractive visuals charts, and modules with ease. 

Social Media Graphic Design: 

Designcap has a lot of options to create attractive social media graphics whether it is a profile picture or a banner Designcap has it all. Create graphic designs such as thumbnails, banner, profile picture, cover for various YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on from one place. 

Download in multiple formats: 

Designcap offers multiple formats in which users can download their designs after creating it on the platform. All major formats such as .jpg, .png, .pdf, and so on are available to use for exporting the design. 

Graphic Design for every occasion: 

Designcap offers graphic design for every occasion such as personal uses, business uses, marketing uses, for creating graphics designs for various events and so on. 

Knowledge Base: 

Even though the software is very easy to use, yet Designcap offers a learning portal to its users. The learning portal can be very useful to the users to get well versed with the tool. The portal contains tutorials for creating various types of graphic designs which can be referred to create beautiful designs with ease. 

User friendly: 

Designcap offers powerful graphic design software with easy to use interface. Users need to choose their template from the template library, customize by using the editing tool and then simply export or share their creation with others. That's how easy it is. 

Dedicated Support Portal: 

Finally, Designcap also has a support center where users can find tutorials and tips to create beautiful graphic designs along with FAQs. Users can also give feedback and suggestions to the Designcap team on anything related to the software. 

Designcap: Pricing & Plans

The best thing is that Designcap offers free plans to its users. Users just need to go to their official website and sign up to their free account to start using Designcap right away. After logging into their account users will have full freedom to do any type of graphic designs with their account. 

To use some of the premium resource lists, images and to get some of the premium export options users can upgrade to their affordable pricing plants directly from their dashboard. 

DesignCap: The Bottom Line 

So that was all about Designcap. As discussed in this article, Designcap is very a easy to use Graphic Design Software which offers all the essential features to create attractive graphic designs for various purposes in a matter of a minute. The tool is completely online and it offers free plans which are worth considering while choosing this software

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