Disciple is a platform to create your online community like various social media platforms. It has all the essential functionalities where users can post updates, photos, videos, and so on. A lot of customization options are also available.

Software Type: Community Software

Developer: Disciple

Operating System: Online/Windows/Android/iOS

Disciple: An Overview

Disciple is a community software that offers all the functionalities of a social media platform. The main difference is that the admin has a lot of customization options available to them such as adding their logo and uploading their legal docs as terms and conditions of the platform. It offers two dashboards for the admin and one for the other users. The console dashboard can be used to customize the platform by configuring with other third party platforms, theme color, logo, and much more.

Disciple: Key Points to Consider


Disciple is a community platform so it has all the essential features of a community or social media platform. Users can post anything such as normal text posts, images, videos, and so on. The community dashboard has options like home to catch all the updates from the community members. The explore option can be used to explore other users, groups, and so on. It also offers an option for chatting with other users and a notification menu for getting all the updates. The profile option lets the user add a profile picture and add their bio.


The console dashboard has a lot of unique features. Here admin can add a range of customization. It has an invite option to invite others to the community platform. Admin can manage posts, groups and members, and much more. It also has an option where admin can create folders and share them with other community members. It offers an event tab where any type of event can be created and this option can be used as a registration form.


The design section of the console dashboard has features where admin can change the logo and theme color from the branding option. The navigation option can be used to customize the various options available for the users such as changing the home page design, message and notification options and profile page of the users. The miscellaneous option offers the customization of the signup and login page.


The analytics option gives a comprehensive view of the active members of the last 30 days, 7 days, 24 hours and so on. It also offers data on the number of daily active users, members according to various platforms (web-based members, mobile-based members, etc.), total registered users, registration per day and much more.

Disciple: Pricing & Plans

Disciple offers various pricing and plans to its users. One can try the software for free. The premium plans start from 59 USD.

Additional Features

Cross-Platform availability: 

The platform is available across all the platforms so it is easily accessible to everyone. The push notification, google play store and apple store listing is also provided for the mobile-based plans.


Disciple offer various integrations, API, Webhooks to connect the community with external applications to automate the work. Some of the popular integrations are Mailchimp, Shopify, YouTube, Buffer and more. The monetization feature is also incoming which can be configured with other platforms to generate income by selling online courses, membership subscriptions, and exclusive content.

Disciple: The Bottom Line

The Disciple has all the feature one require to create a unique platform for any type of business need or activity and to engage with your customers and audience.

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