Eventleaf, an event management platform for professional events. An event registration management tool for event planning, organizing, and marketing, etc.

Eventleaf is a leading event management platform for professional events. It is packed with many features for event planning, event marketing, promotion and more.  

Eventleaf: Key Points to Consider

  1. This is well suited for smaller event agencies, associations, solo event managers and Fortune 500 companies, including Oracle, Sony, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, and Delta Airlines. 
  2. It offers a professional solution to all the needs the organization of an event brings. 
  3. The platform allows the creation of a beautiful event website thanks to the intuitive interface and the templates for event websites. 
  4. A powerful event management tool that has everything an event planner needs for small to large events. 
  5. Eventleaf keeps several event conferences separated easily and organized, so you don't need to worry about if you handle multiple events at once. 
  6. Its online interface makes the event website creation easier even for non-tech savvy users. 
  7. Once the content is ready to be uploaded to the event website, one should select and customize the look and feel of the event website, choose the options to display the content and start promoting the event.
  8. After a website is created on Eventleaf, an interactive mobile-friendly website is created for attendees to view all the event information.

Features Highlights: 

· Create event website 

· Send event invitations 

· Sell tickets for events 

· Event promotion 

· Event marketing campaigns 

· Event website analytics 

· Get payment processing of event tickets 

· Manage attendees quickly and efficiently  

· Import and export all your event data right from the platform 

· Create easy event reports with a few clicks 

· Event surveys and feedback 

· Exhibitors management 

Event Engagement

Event planners can engage with the attendees before the event, send invitations, also event reminders, pre-event surveys. The platform features functionalities for post-event surveys and events with live polls.

Eventleaf Guide App:

Attendees Self Check-In and Event Presentation Materials.

Easy attendees self check-in into sessions and view event presentation materials is doable with Eventleaf Guide App.


Unlike other event management tools, Eventleaf has a more affordable solution that is even more robust in terms of features and ease of use than its competitors.

Eventleaf Features

Event management

Volunteer Management

Event management


Room Block Management

Surveys & Feedback

Social Media Promotion


Exhibit/Vendor Management


Badge Management

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