Exavault is a file uploading and sharing platform for businesses. It offers a user-friendly platform to easily upload and manage all the files and folders and share them among the team members.

Software Type: File Sharing Software

Developer: Exavault

Operating System: Online

Exavault: An Overview

Exavault is a file-sharing platform for all types of businesses. Here users can easily upload their file or folder and share it with other team members. The platform offers custom branding functionality for making the platform more professional looking. It also lets the admin create and manage all the notifications from the homepage itself. The activity window offers a bird's eye view of everything going on the platform.

Exavault: Key Points to Consider

File Uploading: 

Exavault offers a user-friendly file uploading platform for uploading any kind of files and folders. It also lets the user create a new folder. The file upload menu also offers lots of viewing options and a search bar to easily find any file or folder on the homepage.


After uploading or after receiving any file the file can be shared with other team members very easily by selecting the file or folder and then sharing it with other users. Exavault also offers file sharing with someone who doesn't have an account with exavault. While sharing any file it lets the user share that file by entering any email address. It also supports multiple file sharing and custom messaging options.

Notification Management: 

The notification bar can be used to create and manage a new notification. The notification actually acts as automation by using which users can set up a target for specific files or folders and easily track other user’s activities whenever anyone accesses that specific file or folder.

Users Settings: 

Exavault lets anyone add a new user and the admin can set the permission for all the users, access their name, email address, and can easily edit their data or can simply delete them from the platform.

Custom Branding: 

Exavault lets the businesses set up their platform by using their own name, logo, and theme. The custom branding offers the users a professional experience.

Activity Logs: 

The activity log can be used to monitor all the activities happening on the platform. The filter option offers the functionality to view the logs by various attributes such as date and time, IP address of the user, username, file or folder activity and so on. All the logs can be easily exported as a CSV file for any third-party uses.

Exavault: Pricing & Plans

Exavault offers various plans and pricing. The platform can be used for free. But to use the premium features one needs to purchase the business plans and the price for the business plans starts from 20 USD.

Exavault: Conclusion

Exavault is a professional solution for easy upload and sharing of any files or folders. It has all the essential features and the customization feature makes it one of the most user-friendly file-sharing platforms.

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