FloorPlanner is an architectural designing software used to generate and distribute interactive floorplans online.

By using a range of online designing tools you can design a variety of architectural design easily. FloorPlanner also offers a template library to exports in 2D and 3D designs and objects. Users can publish their plan and also embed the floor plan within any website to optimize the customer's experience.

FloorPlanner: Key Points to Consider

  1. Easy to use 2D floor plan drawing: FloorPlanner makes it very easy to draw your designs from scratch. It also provides you with the option to work on your existing ideas or design. The drag & drop feature makes it very user friendly to use it on your browser. You don't have to download the tool separately on your device.
  2. Decorate rooms with 1 click: After creating your design you can decorate it by using various objects from the gallery to make it more realistic. The library of FloorPlanner contains more than 150.000 3D items and new items are being added daily. Users can simply drag any items with just 1 click.
  3. 3D with No Extra effort: With this feature you can easily see your design in 3D. Users can explore their design from various angles. Adjust the angle of the camera, adjust the lightings, and move your furniture and many more.
  4. Design beautiful images within minutes: This home layout planning software will let you export your 2D or 3D design in a fast manner. You can see the angle and set all the other settings to get your perfect floorplan.
  5. Get Professional looking results at a good price: If you want to have a better export option rather than having the one export option available for the free account users then, you can purchase a plan to use other premium export option to generate professional-quality design at an affordable cost.

FloorPlanner: Pricing Options

FloorPlanner comes with 3 pricing plans, which includes Basic, Plus and Pro versions (for individual uses). The basic version is free to everyone and for the Plus and Pro versions, you have to pay around 5 USD and 29 USD per month respectively.

If you want to use the this software for business uses then you buy plans exclusively for businesses, which includes Teams, Business and Enterprise versions to collab with your team members effectively. The price may range from 59 USD - 599 USD per month.

Additional Features of this Architecture Software

1. Branded environment: This feature is available exclusively for the business plan users, where companies can use their brand color and settings while generating any design.

2. Project presentations: This feature can be used to present your design to others.

3. User management & reports: Can be used to track and manage all the team members (for business plans only).


FloorPlanner, a web-based room design and architecture software is a quick and convenient tool for interior designers and homeowners. Its intuitive editor helps you create beautiful 2D and 3D images and share your designs with your business clients.

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