A modernised messaging platform from Freshworks. A live chat software, Freshchat is there to manage customer conversations for different businesses.

Freshchat is a cloud hosted application designed to give a personalised chatting experience to visitors and prospective clients. A product from Freshworks, this live chat software is a powerful tool for the customer engagement teams.

Freshchat: Key Points to Consider

  1. Enjoy access to a streamlined and context driven messaging experience.
  2. A set of fairly advance features to meet the needs of your sales teams and customers.
  3. Its real time dashboard gives an idea of conversation trends and team performance.
  4. You can track your site visitors and setup quick responses to common queries.
  5. Do lead segmentation based on various metrics like events history through Automatic lead capturing feature. 
  6. Calculate Customer satisfaction score as well as the CSAT ratings for the best team performer.

So, if you are thinking to turn visitors to leads and further to convert them to customers, Freshchat can be an ideal fit for your business.

Freshchat Features

Artificial Intelligence

Canned Responses

Artificial Intelligence

Geo Targeting

Live Chat

Third Party Integration

Site Visitor Tracking

Offline Form


Customizable Branding

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