A software to help you automate your marketing as well as business processes. You can easily improve your sales with this intelligent marketing automation tool.

Software Type: Marketing Software

Developer: Freshworks

Operating System: Online

Freshmarketer: An Overview

Freshmarketer is a marketing platform offered by Freshworks which has all the essential features to manage highly converting marketing campaigns. It offers personalization, automation; email marketing, pipeline creation, A/B testing, split URL testing and much more. The platform can be easily configured with various apps and integrations.

Freshmarketer: Key Points to Consider

Conversion Rate Optimization: 

Freshmarketer offers various features for effective conversion rate optimization by implementing heatmaps, season replays, funnel analysis, form analysis, personalization, poll and feedback, web form tracking, A/B testing, Split URL testing, and much more. All the marketing campaigns can be easily analyzed, personalized, and optimized by using the Freshmarketer platform.


Freshmarketer can be used to create email campaigns. The pre-made templates and the drag and drop editor makes it very easy to create an email campaign for any types of marketing needs. Users can also add automation and set up various triggers and actions. Apart from creating various email campaigns, the function can be used to create transactional emails where one can offer deals and accept payment from the customers and clients.

Marketing Journey: 

Freshmarketer lets the user create various marketing journeys to easily manage all the tasks in one place. Other team members can be added and they can be assigned various tasks to complete a marketing campaign journey effortlessly. A template library for creating a marketing journey is available for solving various marketing needs.


Freshmarketer can be used to store all the contacts and the platform can be configured with the contact list to offer various deals to the customers. It let the user create various marketing journeys easily. One can also easily import contacts from various third-party platforms and create lists and categories to manage all the contacts efficiently.


A unique analytics feature available to generate reports with out-of-the-box metrics, which provides 360 views of all the data. Users can create reports unique to their business with metrics that show how the business or a particular marketing campaign is performing over time. The report can be shared to give insights to the team by setting up schedules. Finally, all the data can be easily exported for any third-party uses.


Freshmarketer can be easily configured with various third-party platforms. Some of the famous integrations are Google, Zapier, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Stripe, HubSpot, Typeform and so on.

Freshmarketer: Pricing & Plans

Freshmarketer offers various affordable pricing and plans for its users. To use the premium ones, users can easily upgrade their plan and the price for that starts from 999 INR.

Freshmarketer: Conclusion

Freshmarketer is a marketing platform that has all the essential features for creating any type of marketing campaign. The platform is customizable and the pricing options are very much affordable for various business and marketing needs.

Freshmarketer Features

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

Marketing Automation

Analytics/ROI Tracking

Customizable CTAs

Dynamic Content

Landing pages

Website Visitor Tracking

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