Hivebrite is an online community-building platform that can be used to make a community portal for various activities such as connecting with others or even for as an event management platform.

Software Type: Community Software

Developer: Hivebrite

Operating System: Online/Android/iOS

Hivebrite: An Overview

Hivebrite is an online platform for creating a community portal for your team members, your audience or your customers, and clients. It offers various features for creating content and organizing events from a single platform. It let users communicate and collaborate effectively. The cross-platform availability makes it accessible from various devices.

Hivebrite: Key Points to Consider

CRM and member management: 

The online community portal of Hivebrite offers a powerful community platform to add, manage and communicate with the team members, audience, and customers easily. The CRM and member management option let one access the member database easily from the dashboard menu. The filter and targeting tools let users find and follow other members easily.


Hivebrite offers an online community platform where users can communicate with each other through the chatbox. It also offers admin to communicate with the users of the community portal by using email campaigns, in-app messages and mobile notifications. The notification bar on the top let the users updated about all the things happening on the community portal in real-time.

Content Management: 

The content management option of the platform has all the features to easily manage all the contents and share it with other community members. Members can create folder and subfolder and set the privacy of the folder easily from their dashboard menu.

Event Management: 

Hivebrite lets users organize online events easily from their dashboard menu. The event management option offers the customization option to select the logo and platform and let the user choose the ticket type for the online event. The event management also has the option to offer an online payment option where users can integrate with other third-party platforms for paid events and memberships.

Hivebrite: Pricing & Plans

Hivebrite offers various pricing and plans to the users and one can use the platform for free. The premium plan starts at 500 USD.

Other Important points


The analytics option offers insights about the activity of the community members. Admin panel let one explore the various insights such as user registration, messages, and feed and also let them download in CSV format for the external uses.

Cross-Platform Availability: 

The platform is available for various devices. So anyone from any device can access their profile and communicate with other community members easily. The customization option let the admin offer a unique view of different devices. From the signup page to the homepage logo and theme color everything can is easily customizable.

Hivebrite: Conclusion

Hivebrite offers a lot of customization options and integrations to build and manage a unique online community portal efficiently from any device.

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