HubSpot is a leading marketing software that offers all the essential features to manage all the marketing, sales, and service-related activities from a single platform and the best part is that most of the features it offers are completely free.

Software Type: Marketing Software

Developer: HubSpot

Operating System: Online/Android/iOS

HubSpot: An Overview

HubSpot offers all the essentials tools to easily manage all the marketing activities for free. It provides free CRM, CMS, Marketing, Sales and Service hubs to quickly scale the marketing activities and get lots of leads without spending a lot of money. 

Apart from that, HubSpot also offers various miscellaneous tools to efficiently manage blogs, SEO, social media campaigns and much more. 

The platform can be used as a content management and email marketing platform. It offers lots of email templates to create a personalized email for clients or customers quickly.

HubSpot: Key Points to Consider

Marketing Software: 

HubSpot is popular for providing marketing and sales platform for various business and marketing needs. The tools offered by HubSpot can be used for lead generation, marketing automation and analytics. It offers an email marketing solution when users can use the pre-made email templates to create their personalized emails for any type of activity. 

Sales Software: 

The Sales related software offered by HubSpot offer various automation and analytics tools for generating leads, tracking emails, scheduling a meeting with a client or customer and much more. There’s a dedicated email templates section offered by HubSpot where users can find lots of sales email formats to create, send and track sales emails effortlessly.

HubSpot CRM: 

One of the most popular tools offered by HubSpot which users can use it for free. The CRM tool can be used to easily manage the contacts and leads, easily collaborate with team members and assign a task to them. It offers pipeline management tools to easily manage all the leads and contacts in one place. 

The tool lets the user to create a task and assign it to the various team members. The tasks can be easily organized, and all the activities are easily traceable. The CRM is the tool to seal the deal with your client by using the user-friendly yet powerful HubSpot technology, and the best part is that it is completely free for lifetime uses. 

HubSpot CMS: 

HubSpot CMS or content management software offers all the features to easily manage the contents which include the content of any website, blogs and so on. It offers a user-friendly Drag and Drop editor to easily edit and manage all the contents on your website or blog. It also offers an SEO recommendation tool which can help the user to easily research keywords for their blog or website and which will ultimately help to rank them higher in various search engines. 

Finally, it also offers tools such as website and blogs theme to make them look professional.

HubSpot Service Hub: 

HubSpot not only provides the ultimate marketing solution to its users. It also offers a solution that users can use to connect with their clients or customers. It offers facilities such as ticket creation for easy support, a customer feedback board, and a knowledge base to assist the clients at every stage.

HubSpot: Pricing & Plans

Most of the features of HubSpot are free. There are some tools which require premium plan purchase. HubSpot offers various affordable plans and pricing to easily purchase and use their premium plans. For some of the tools, users only have to pay what they will use, so the price varies as per the business needs of the user.

HubSpot: The Bottom Line

HubSpot is a complete marketing package to easily manage all the marketing needs of a business. It will help to develop trust among clients and customers to which will help the business to grow without breaking their bank.

Hubspot Features

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

Landing pages

Customizable CTAs

Analytics/ROI Tracking

Dynamic Content

Social Marketing

Website Visitor Tracking