Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphics software. It helps you to create and edit line arts, charts, diagrams, illustrations, icons, logos etc.

Inkscape is a powerful professional vector graphics editing tool for Linux Windows and Mac OS X. Its prime format is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Inkscape: Key Points to Consider

  1. A great program for creating scalable graphics that won't blur if you resize them.
  2. It offers you flexible drawing tools. 
  3. Pencil tool is for freehand drawing with  simple paths. 
  4. Pen tool is for creating straight lines and Bezier curves.      
  5. Calligraphy tool is for freehand drawings with calligraphic strokes.
  6. You can  generate rectangles, polygons, ellipses, arcs, stars, spirals, 3D boxes.      
  7. You can even have rounded corners for these shapes. Also, fill these shapes with solid colours, patterns, linear or radial color      gradients.
  8. This vector graphics software allows you to manipulate the object. Whether it’s moving, scaling, rotating or grouping objects, you can do it all. 
  9. You even have an option for alignment and distribution commands.
  10. The Text  Tool makes it possible to create multi-line text and carry out full on-canvas editing. You can use any installed fonts.
  11. Inkscape comes with a command to make and embed bitmaps of chosen objects.
  12. It offers a broad file format compatibility.
  13. It  supports the export of PNG, BMP and JPEG. It also makes image tracing      possible.
  14. Node editing: moving, aligning and distributing nodes is the best feature of  all.

Inkscape is a versatile app used in wide range of fields like engineering/CAD, web graphics, branding, cartooning and also for individual uses. Draw Freely with this free and open source software and create stunning graphics!

Inkscape Features

Vector Image Design

2D Animation

Vector Image Design

Image Editor

Data Import/Export