Keep Photos Secret

A popular application to hide and protect secret photos and videos on your android device.


Our device is filled with memories in the form of photographs and videos. Yet there are some that we might not want to share with everyone. You might want to hide such videos and photographs. And if you try to save these images and videos from prying eyes and password protect them you might be asked several questions. Which is why you would need a full proof plan. You would need a tool that can keep your photos safe while not leaving a spec of doubt. 

We shall try and have a look at one such tool called Keep Photos Secret which in one to many ways is capable of protecting your photos and videos. We shall try and analyze the tool in and out with the help of its features. 

Keep Photos Secret: Key Points to Consider

1. Fingerprint Unlock  

There are times when we tend to forget intricate pins and passwords. So, to begin with you would not have to remember an intricate pin instead you would instantly be able to lock your app using fingerprint. For this function to work your device must have the fingerprint lock ability.  

2. Multi Layered Password Security  

With Keep Photos Secret, you can protect both the app and the photos that are placed inside. You can choose to either protect the entire app or you can password individual albums by applying a 4 digit pin.

3. Stealth Mode

Despite all the features, if a suspecting person catches the app, he or she might throw an arrow of questions at you. Here’s a feature that’ll help you in this regard as well. With the help of stealth mode, you can make the app disappear from the recent apps list. This way no one will have a clue that you have used the app. 

4. Easy Password Recovery

What would you do in a situation, if you forget the password? Would you have to let go of the precious photos and videos? No certainly not. In case you forget the password, you can use the forget password option. Once you use this option, the app will email the passcode to you.

5. The App Is Safe And Secure 

Although you have to delete the images from the original location to keep them secret, the app refrains from saving the images on the cloud. This way you can rest assured that your photos and video are 100% safe and secure and no one will have any access to them. 

6. Photo Management At Its Best   

Keep Photos Secret is not only an app that helps you protect photos but it even helps you manage them really well. You can create multiple albums, email photos, export/ import photos from the gallery, copy hidden images to other albums with the help of this app.

7. The App Even Supports Videos As Well

Not just photos you can even view, import and export videos from gallery as well. Moreover, you can also access browser within the same app.

So, all in all this is an app that you must have if you wish to safely lock all your cherished and personal photographs and videos in a secret vault that no one can access. 

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