Kustomer is a help desk software for creating a customer service portal for your website. It offers a ticketing system to manage the customer support portal efficiently. It also offers the automation feature which can reduce the workload of your team members.

Software Type: Help Desk Software

Developer: Kustomer

Operating System: Online

Kustomer: An Overview

Kustomer is a help desk management software that let users set up and manage the customer portal of their website. It supports the omnichannel functionality so it can be configured with other third-party applications and messaging tools to manage all the customer's messages from a single platform. 

It let the users create a ticketing system to manage the incoming messages according to their priority. The automation feature of the tool can reduce the workload and solve frequently asked questions easily. The report and analytics feature gives an insight into all the activity of the platform and it can be easily configured with other third-party applications. 

Kustomer: Key Points to Consider

Customer Support: 

As the name suggests the platform can be used to create and manage the customer support portal for any kind of business. It let users see customer messages by offering multiple viewing options such as timeline view and more. One can easily create content, segmentation, custom objects, actionable context and much more. Users can also categorize and filter the messages according to their priority and also add automation to answer the easy questions. 

Omni Chat Functionality: 

Kustomer can be easily configured with other third-party platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter and more. It offers a single platform to access all the messages across all platforms to quickly and efficiently manage them. 


The platform can be integrated with various automation tools for offering the faqs to the customer. It will reduce the workload among the team members. The machine learning of the platform can quickly identify the incoming message and easily transfer it to the concerned department, which also reduces the time to solve an issue. 

Report and Analytics: 

The report and analytics feature can give a comprehensive insight into everything going on the platform. It can give information about every message, department, team members and more. Users can also export the report in CSV format to use it on any third party platform. 

Kustomer: Pricing & Plans

Kustomer offers various pricing and plans. One can use the tool for free and then can easily upgrade it to use the various premium features it offers. The price starts from 89 USD. 

Other Important points

Integration and APIs: 

The best thing about the application that it can be configured with a lot of third-party applications. Some of them are Amazon Connect, Talkdesk, Dialpad, Aircall, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp, Shopify, Survey Monkey and more. 

Ticketing System: 

The ticketing system lets users manage the incoming chat by setting their priority so that the high priority ones get solves faster. It also lets the team members manage all the messages efficiently and track it for future uses. 

Kustomer: Final Verdict


Kustomer is a unified help desk platform that offers all the essential features to offer the customers a unique service portal. The interface is easy for both sides and the issue can be located and addressed at the appropriate department with the help of the automation functionality which will help to reduce the workload and stress. 

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