nanoCAD is very easy to use and very affordable CAD application that gives a great user experience by producing high-quality designs.

 nanoCAD has been developed to present design and project documentation for all activities. nanoCAD comprises a full set of basic and advanced tools, for producing industry-standard and DWG-compatible CAD files. nanoCAD gives innovative, collaborative and customizable options to its users to enhance their efficiency. This architecture software also includes various API's, for various tasks, from regular task automation to complex ones and the best part is that you can use it for free.   

nanoCAD: Key Points to Consider

  1. Industry-standard user interface: nanoCAD offers a very useful, classic style and easy to use CAD user interface. The functionalities are very easy to understand to all the users which offer drawing space, command line etc. The position of the menu items and their icons are very easily recognizable. Any person who has used AutoCAD before will feel at home while using this CAD tool.
  2. Clean and native *.dwg support: nanoCAD offers the industry-standard DWG file format. Designs created or edited can be used by almost any other common CAD system, without alteration or data failure. nanoCAD also provides Audit, Recover and Purge commands which will protect the data which may cause due to software or hardware failures. nanoCAD's offers auto saving and backup functionalities for that.
  3. Comprehensive command set: nanoCAD offers a large number of tools for creating and editing 2D/3D objects. It offers many reusable blocks and references to external designs to simplify and to speed up the drawing process.
  4. Powerful Table Editor: It has an Excel-style table editor, with an extended set of capabilities, including the ability to create tables including cells with embedded macros including formulas.
  5. ActiveX Automation and LISP: The nanoCAD scripting engine enables users to automate their daily tasks. They can write macros using Visual Basic Script, JavaScript or by any other scripting language approved by Microsoft Windows. It also offers built-in LISP functionalities.

nanoCAD: Pricing Options

nanoCAD comes with a lot of buying options, which includes Free version as well as Plus, Pro, Mechanica, Construction, Construction Site, 3DScan etc. The premium plans start from 18$/per year/per user  or more as per your plan selection.

nanoCAD: Additional Features

· C++/C# API: nanoCAD has various types of APIs for building CAD applications apart from its core functionality. For example, NRX is a C++ and .NET API very similar to the AutoCAD's ARX which allows the translation of AutoCAD-based applications to nanoCAD with ease.

· Extended plotting: nanoCAD's plot settings dialogue allow users to set various plot areas to create multi-page plots. This function can be especially beneficial for printing large drawings on printers with smaller output formats.


nanoCAD is an awesome tool which anyone can use to make professional designs very easily, which makes it a great and must-have tool for any architect and designer.

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