Omnisend is a complete marketing automation tool to create content, boost sales and ultimately increase traffic to any website. It has all the essential features such as marketing automation tools, campaigns creator, forms creator and report generator and many more.


Omnisend: An Overview

Omnisend, a highly popualr marketing automation tool offers much more than email marketing. The advanced analytics feature can be used to track conversions, lead and ROI data efficiently. The best part is that it doesn't require any kind of coding, as it has so many customizable templates to use.

Omnisend: Key Points to Consider

Marketing Automation: 

The tool offers various facilities to build automated workflows that can send the entire message on autopilot. Use the pre-made workflows for generating amazing marketing campaigns. Save time and integrate the workflow and the campaign to any existing platform for convenience. Track all the campaigns effectively using the real-time performance tracker.

Marketing Campaigns:

Create amazing marketing campaigns using various pre-made email templates. It offers drag and drop email builder which can be used to create email campaigns very quickly. Choose the channel for the campaign and experiment with it to understand what is working best. The tool will not only useful to create email campaigns, but it can be also used to create SMS campaigns as well.

Marketing Segmentation: 

This feature is designed to target the core audience by analysing purchase behaviour. Build your first segment to get into more inboxes, and reactivate more number of contacts.


Collect information from the customers to understand their preferences and launch new marketing campaigns by using that data. It offers various ways such as pop-ups, sign up boxes, landing page and wheel of fortune, to engage with the customers and collect information from them. Reduce the cart abandonment rate and boost your sales with the high converting forms.

A lot of Integrations: 

Create beautifully designed emails and send them directly to the customer's phone. Integrate with other tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google easily. Update the customers about the latest promotional offers; show them desktop notification for boosting sales. It can be integrated with all the major website platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and more.

Reports and Analytics: 

Track all the data and to determine the ROI and instantly improve the marketing need. Get to know your customers using the real-time insight, cookie less tracking, form reports and much more.

Omnisend: Pricing & Plans

Like other marketing automation software, Omnisend comes with different plans. One can use the free version. It also offers various premium plans ranging from $16/month to $99/month and a customized plan as per your requiements.

Omnisend Review

Omnisend has all the essential features which a marketing automation software should have. It offers a lot of unique features such as SMS marketing and a lot of integrations which are easy to use and makes the whole marketing process very easy.

Omnisend Features

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

Marketing Automation

Customizable CTAs

Dynamic Content

Analytics/ROI Tracking

Landing pages

Social Marketing

Website Visitor Tracking