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Photo Stitcher is a Win/Mac application from Vertexshare. A helpful tool for merging photos and creating panorama pictures automatically.

Frankly, using Photoshop or free Paint (on Windows) or Preview (on Mac) are not the smartest choice to combine photos, especially when you have hundreds of photos. You have to use these programs to process the combination manually and adjust each photo one by one. So, what should you do if you want to look for a program that could process all of your tasks automatically? Luckily, Vertexshare provides a neat software that enables you to merge photos and panorama with only one click. 

Vertexshare Photo Stitcher is an easy-to-use and wise software that could throw all the inconvenience things away. It will combine all of your photos vertically and horizontally, the process is automatic. It also provides advanced features that you can modify each photo and add all kinds of annotations because of these editing tools. There is no learning curve and you do not need any special photography skills. Only a few minutes, and you can enjoy your output high-definition picture, by combining all of the different photos.

Photo Stitcher: Key Points to Consider

  1. Supports creating horizontal and vertical scrolling screenshots
  2. Helps creating panorama photos automatically
  3. Supports editing the height and width of each photo
  4. Edit the scrolling screenshots with useful tools
  5. Supports adding annotations
  6. Add arrows, rectangles, curves
  7. Add mosaic, watermark, mockups
  8. Easily export HD photos
  9. Share photos to your friends or social media
  10. Minimal interface design, no advertising.
  11. Universal application, compatible with all Windows/Mac software


1. Free and easy to use.

2. Combine photos and panorama pictures automatically.

3. You can edit the photo by using the editing tools.

4. You can add watermarks

5. Supports Win/Mac and even iOS and Android


No multilingual interface.

Photo Stitcher: How to Combine Photos with it?

Step 1. Download and install Photo Stitcher from official website.

Step 2. Drag and drop all photos. Select the orientations and border width.

Step 3. Adjust the photos or add annotations.

Step 4. Export the image

Final Words

All in all, Photo Stitcher from Vertexshare is a professional photo stitching tool that provides all-in-one features. It could be your best partner when merging photos or put them side by side.  Try Photo Stitcher and improve your efficiency greatly.

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