Proggio is a collaborative project management software designed to handle all sorts of projects and teams.

Proggio is a free collaborative software that gives the project teams a clear picture of the tasks, and priorities.

Collaboration, communication and teamwork are the 3 principles on which this project management tool functions.

Proggio: Key Points to Consider

  1. An online project management solution structured to manage short term, long term recurring projects.
  2. An intuitive, elegant and seamless user interface allows smooth navigation and easy interaction.
  3. You also have access to an automatic project portfolio view to share with the management.
  4. A project map approach to plan and schedule tasks instead of traditional method.
  5. Track team performance and task progress through the powerful multi-view task management options.
  6. Generate budget reports, compare planned and actual expenses, summary of projects costs.
  7. You can view your project status and much more from a mobile device.

This free cloud based project planning tool can helps to outperform in the present business environment. Although, Proggio offers a free trial, its starter plan. You can dig into the premium plans for unlocking the additional features.

Proggio Features


Cost-to-Completion Tracking


Time Tracking

Expense Tracking

Milestone Tracking


Portfolio Management


Budget Management

Idea Management

Resource Management

Gantt Chart

Agile Methodologies

Task Management

Collaboration Tools

Task Management

Recurring Task Management