A intuitive application designed to create and edit impressive 2D and 3D concepts. A complete solution for designing 3D interior models, furniture, and landscapes, etc.

SketchUp is a 3D modelling software where you can turn your innovative ideas into interesting 3D models. It has found its usage in several industries such as architecture, commercial interiors, 3D printing, construction, landscape architecture, interior design etc.

SketchUp: Key Points to Consider

  1. It is a 3D modelling computer programme.
  2. It equips you with simple yet powerful toolset. 
  3. You can choose products for personal, professional or educational use.
  4. It offers a huge warehouse library- an extensive database of user created models to download.
  5. You can create, customize and visualize your ideas with much ease.
  6. Even a 30-day free trial is available for the paid version.
  7. You have SketchUp for Web or SketchUp Pro for Desktop.
  8. It enables you to communicate and collaborate easily and confidently.
  9. The SketchUp viewer empowers you to work on the go, even on your mobiles.
  10. You can also enjoy unlimited cloud storage or 2D documentation based on your subscription.

SketchUp comes in various versions: 

  1. SketchUp Free
  2. SketchUp Shop 
  3. SketchUp Make 
  4. SketchUp Pro
  5. SketchUp Studio

You can try the free version or subscribe a SketchUp Pro priced at $299per year/per user. Discover the art of 3D modelling through this powerful architecture software.

SketchUp Features


Presentation Tools


2D Drawings

3D Modelling

Project Management

Document Management

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