SmartFile is a file-sharing software which offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to various businesses to easily upload and share files among team members.

Software Type: File Sharing Software

Developer: SmartFile

Operating System: Online

SmartFile: An Overview

SmartFile is an easy file sharing platform which offers the functionality to easily upload files and folders and share it with the team members. The customization and automation options make it a comprehensive file-sharing software. The software offers a use-based billing system that can be managed anytime from the admin panel. 

Users can also easily monitor the other user's activity from their dashboard.

SmartFile: Key Points to Consider

File Upload & Sharing: 

SmartFile offers easy to upload and sharing functionality to its users. Users can directly login and upload a file from the homepage. Users can upload a single file or a complete folder by clicking on the "Add Folder" option. Users can also see the files by applying various views such as list view, table view, and thumbnail view. Users can also set the filters to see the files efficiently.

SmartFile not only provides a platform to upload a file or a folder but also let the users share with others from the homepage itself.


Admin can select the rule and set various automation for file upload and sharing. Users can follow a few simple steps to set up the automation. Step 1 is to define the rule which is creating the rule by defining a name and type. After creating the automation name and type the user can select any file, folder, user, or group, add Triggers and finally set the automated actions. Users can also test automation in real-time before implementing it.

Site Branding: 

The best thing about SmartFile is that the user can customize it by changing the logo, login page, support page and also add custom CSS to make it their own. It let the users customize everything they want.

Activity Monitoring: 

Admin and other users can see the activity of others and monitor all the changes in real-time. It gives a compact view of everything going on. It also has a live streaming option where users can share the activity with everyone. The analytics section of the page gives information about the total storage use, total shares, users, groups and notification.


SmartFile can be configured with various third-party applications and platforms. One of the most popular integration available here is the outlook integration by using which users can access and deliver files directly from Microsoft Outlook. They can send new files, retrieve and share existing files, or request uploads to specific folders.

SmartFile: Pricing & Plans

SmartFile offers various affordable pricing and plans for various business setups and team size. One can use the platform for free. The price from the premium plans starts from 6 USD per month which offers 1 TB storage space.

SmartFile: The Bottom Line

SmartFile is an online application for creating a platform for easy uploading and sharing of files and folders with the team members. A lot of customization and automation options make it comprehensive yet engaging.

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