(Last Updated On: November 23, 2017)

If you are a blogger, a social media marketer or anyone for that matter, who needs access to various online graphic design tools.This post might seem interesting to you.So,don’t miss checking out an exclusive review on “Stencil App” or “Get Stencil” or simply called “Stencil”.

We have already covered a number of other graphic tools in few other blogs.This one is particularly focused on Stencil App, all the relevant details on this online Graphic design software have been shared in a simple manner just for you.

Whether you wish to use it on any social media like Facebook,Pinterest,Instagram or Snapchat, this Stencil App is surely going to guide you in creating beautiful images for your audience and friends.

As a newbie, if you don’t want to spend your time and money, the free versions of these graphic tools really come to your rescue. I am not a graphic expert, but I have recently started using this Stencil App.What I can just say is that, this graphic tool is just so easy to use even for non designers like me. For designers I think it can just do wonders through its impressive features altogether.

Earlier I was using Canva, but felt the need to have access to some other powerful tools.I was searching for Canva alternatives, when I came across Stencil app. Look…my search proved so fruitful.Today I can create stunning images using this simple yet great image creation tool Stencil.

Stencil has in fact proved to be an all-in-one graphic tool covering a wide range of features :

  • Designed for speed : You can create wonderful images just in a matter of few minutes. If a blogger like me can do it so quickly, imagine how beautifully a professional designer can use it to give life to his imagination.
  • Simple to Use : Yes,it is definitely so user friendly.No specific designing skills or any formal training is required as such. As a beginner you just need to have a quick review of its usage and be ready to design your visual content.
  • Designed for Social Media : Think of all the popular social media channels, Stencil app shall be a good fit for any of them.Facebook posts,twitter posts,pinterest graphics or instagram posts this graphic design software is designed to cater to the needs of different social media so nicely.You will get to explore optimal sizes for social networks, ads, blog posts and more else create it on your own.That’s cool !
  • Easy to Use Chrome Extension : You can install Stencil for Chrome, create images while browsing the web.So,simple it is, just add it to your Chrome and keep on building your masterpieces.

You can easily apply for the premium version of Stencil App and avail exclusive advanced features of this graphic design software.

How to Use Stencil App ?

As discussed earlier, its an easy to use tool.Create an account on Stencil by filling in the requisite details.Once you create an account, you can easily login using your Username and password and have access to its diversified features.

Here is a screenshot of the Sign Up page where you have to add simple details to open your Stencil Account.

Stencil App,Stencil

Stencil App : How it looks after signing up/logging in ?

Here is a glimpse of your dashboard once you have an account with Stencil and become a Stencil user.

Now, you are all set to show your creativity at its best.

When you login,on the the left hand side, you will see a bulk of options to choose from.You can select from lakhs of background photos,amazing photo templates,numerous icons,graphics,inspiring quotes and a lot more.However,this shall be based on the type of plan you have opted for.

You can also upload your own fonts directly to stencil and also use them in your visual content.An option to upload and store multiple logos is an added advantage of using Stencil app.

A Pro or Premium Plan shall of course give you better and higher number of choices as compared to the free version of Stencil.

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Stencil App Pricing Plans

It generally has 3 plans in store for you.Its upto you which one you want to choose and get started.The choice of plan should be based on the purpose and usage of software.

1. Free Plan : As they say, its for the hobbyist.You can create upto 10 images per month.Limited access to photos,icons and other features of Stencil.If you just need a small number of images and don’t wish to spend any money, this may be a good fit for you.

2. Pro Plan : This comes at a price of 9$ per month wherein you are likely to become an Image master.You are allowed to create upto 50 images per month.You can enjoy access to lakhs of photos,icons and graphics  by joining this paid plan.Fonts/uploads,logos,watermarks and hundreds of templates are there to add to your work.

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You are also offered 25 Instagram messages/month.A Premium support service is provided to help you solve any relevant issues.

3. Unlimited Plan : Now, this is the ultimate plan that comes at a price of 18$ per month and has all the pro features included in it.You can create unlimited images and keep unlimited favorites by subscribing to the Unlimited plan. An additional benefit of 100 Instagram messages/month shall also be there to add to your graphic experience.

“Create any image you want” by being a part of this Unlimited Plan that shall make designing a memorable experience for you.A collection of advanced features shall be at your finger tips to enhance your social engagement.

A Final Note :

If you are a beginner, you may like to stick to the Stencil Free plan.However, as your business needs increase, switching over to a better and paid plan shall fetch you better results.Keeping your budget and other factors in mind, you can think about selecting a Pro or an Unlimited Plan when required.

Did you enjoy getting deeper insights on the Stencil App ? Which Image creation tool you are using ? Have you tried the Stencil Graphic design tool ? If yes, we are waiting to have a look at your awesome creations. Do you have any opinions or feedback to share on any of the graphic tools that you have.See you in the comment section below.