Tribe is a customization community platform that one can easily integrate with various third-party platforms. It has all the essential features to create a unique community portal for various activities.

Software Type: Community Software

Developer: Tribe

Operating System: Online

Tribe: An Overview

Tribe is a community software which offers various customization features and integrations to easily build a community portal for various activities. Users can customize the look and feel by adding their logo and color combinations. Users can also set the privacy of the community. It also lets the users add various customizable CSS codes to customize it even further. 

One can select domain and subdomain of the community portal, add and change the DNS settings, create admin panel and also integrate the portal with Cloud flare very easily to make the portal more secure.

Tribe: Key Points to Consider

Community Portal: 

Tribe is a community software so it has all the essential features such as notification bar, profile page, the home page, groups, and more. The community portal can be easily configured with any third party domain or sub domain by setting up the DNS settings easily. 

One can also create a public or private community portal. In a public community portal, all the contents can be accessed by anyone but in the case of the private community portal, the content available to those who are invited to the community.


Tribe offers various customization features. It uses a powerful machine learning to customize the user experience based on their activity. The tribe can be customized by choosing the brand logo, color, and more. It offers different customization features for different devices. So the look and feel can be easily customized for various devices. 

One can even customize the signup and login page by adding the social login option and configuring it with Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and so on. A One-click login option can be easily set up as well.

User-Generated Content: 

Tribe lets its users to create any type of content from their profile page or directly from the home page itself. They can post about anything, ask a question, start a discussion, or create a public or private group by clicking on the plus icon from the dashboard menu. The home dashboard has a filter option to filter contents based on their category.

Profile page: 

All the users in the community portal will get their profile page. From the profile page, they can find other's profiles, follow them, or start a conversation, and much more. Users can also have the option to disable the social feature if they don't want to use this feature and don't want to have a profile page of their own. Users can also create bot accounts. A bot account is not a real account. 

It is particularly helpful in case a user doesn't want to use their real account to interact with others.

Tribe: Pricing & Plans

One can use the Tribe for free and use the free version for a lifetime. It also offers various premium plans and the price starts from 85 USD.

Other Important points


Engagement is the most important factor in any community portal. Tribe offers a comprehensive view of everything going on in the community portal. To make the community portal more engaging one can use the reputation, badge and currency, discount, gift card features which can be awarded based on the user activity.


One can configure the community portal with various popular third-party applications or platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Slack, Messenger, HubSpot, and more.

Tribe: The Bottom Line

The Tribe has all the feature one require while creating a unique platform for any type of activity. The customization features can be used to make and deliver a unique experience to all the community portal users.

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