(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

Vtiger CRM is a popular open source Customer Relationship Management Software and is used by a large number of businesses around the world. In this post, we shall have an exclusive Vtiger review covering various aspects of vtiger like vtiger pricing, vtiger features, migration and vtiger open source vs paid comparison.

This post should serve as a Vtiger Review guide for anyone considering vtiger for their organisation.

VTiger: An Introduction

The constantly growing business world requires the innovative solutions for skilful selling and effective customer service. So, in order to be successful and competitive, you have to clearly determine the business objectives and place the focus on the customers’ requirements.

CRM system is your staunch ally that helps you enhance the performance of the business processes and improve the client relationships. However, the important question to answer in today’s era is to how to select the right platform that can face and accomplish your company goals?

If the endless list of the Open Source CRM systems drives you crazy, take a look at Vtiger CRM as an efficient alternative with a number of the compelling capabilities and tools.

Vtiger Review & Features: The Core Proposition

In case your organisation is just starting up and has a light budget, Vtiger is a great fit for managing the small and mid-sized businesses. Being launched in 2004 and forked from SugarCRM, the platform provides you with the following features (please note that most of these features are listed from vtiger open source version):

1. Customers/Accounts Management:

View your customers from the different angles by means of a complete portfolio of their records, activities, interactions histories, as well as other documents and notes. The customer functionality is as exhaustive as it can get. You can further build the client profile with the help of the lead generation and scoring functionality.

Accounts management can integrate very well with third party applications as well to funnel the accounts straight into Vtiger system.

2. Vtiger Marketing Features: 

Vtiger is quite packed with features that can be useful for your product/services marketing. Use the marketing capabilities to create the email campaigns and build the specified lists, personalised templates and messages, as well as facilitate the process with scheduling their sending out.  

3. Lead and Contact Management: 

Lead and contact management is an integral part of any CRM. So much so that a whole new industry of lead and contact management Saas service providers have evolved over time. Vtiger doesn’t stay behind when it comes to lead and contact management.

You have host of features to save, upload via CSV, see the history, upload documents etc with regards to your leads and Contacts. You can create forms to embed in your website which can save the lead information straight to your CRM instance.

4. Vtiger Workflow Implementation: 

Vtiger allows you to create the workflow rules for optimisation of your team performance by easily assigning the tasks and setting the data updating and alerts about meetings. Apart from meetings, you can set workflow processes for any other modules as well in vTiger.

5. Reports: 

Vtiger provides exhaustive reports to analyse your business activity. Take advantage of the analytical tools with the specified filters for getting the detailed reports on the separate projects or departments, as well as the performance of the whole company.

6. Activity Management: 

Activity Management is another useful tool in one’s armoury while working with Vtiger. You can manage daily tasks with your team and record useful customer calls and meetings.

7. Vtiger Customisation:

Customisation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to CRM. vTiger provides a host of options to customise the CRM including but not limited to changing/adding drop downs, adding functionalities with the help of open source plugins, drag & drop functionality and many other user friendly features.

A lot of community support further makes the Vtiger CRM software more friendly for the users.VTiger review, vtiger pricing, vtiger features, vtiger

Vtiger Pricing:

Vtiger is considered one of the affordable solutions on the CRM market, includes a 15-Day free trial and offers the following payment plans:

1. Vtiger Help Desk Version:

  • Free: Contact and case management, knowledge base, email-to-ticket, workflow automation, reporting, service-level agreement and 24-hour support through email.
  • Starter at $10/month/billed annually: Features of the free Help Desk edition, as well as the customer portal, web-to-ticket, phone functionality, document sharing, workflow scheduling, and 24-support through the phone, email, chat.
  • Professional at $20/month/billed annually: Tools of the Starter version and support insights, twitter integration, custom modules and records, webhooks.

2. Vtiger Sales version:

  • Starter at $10/month/billed annually: Contact, lead, opportunity and document management, visual sales pipe, workflow automation, quote builder, phone capabilities, mass email campaigns functionality (10,000 emails/month), advanced analytical tools, web-to-lead forms, 24-hour support through email, chat, phone.
  • Professional at $20/month/billed annually: Functionality of the Sales Starter subscription and auto responder emails, twitter integration, invoice builder, accept payments, multiple currencies, sales forecasting and insights.

3. Vtiger All-in-one Package:

  • Ultimate at $30/month/billed annually: All features from Support Professional and Sales Professional as well as additional features like project and inventory management & 25,000 email/month.

Vtiger Open Source vs Paid:

Please note that the paid versions of the Vtiger are the the cloud versions i.e. the versions that are hosted on the cloud by Vtiger itself. Off late, Vtiger cloud versions have also provided a free version which you can get started with immediately if your team size is less than 10 users.

FeatureOpen Source Paid  
CRM PricingFreeStarts from Free to 10 USD
Vtiger InstallationOne click installs available with many hosting providers. You can take professional help as wellIncluded
Vtiger SupportYou need an external provider to provide supportIncluded
Vtiger HostingYou need to have your own hosting that will cost extraIncluded
vtiger BackupYou need to take external help for setting up backupsIncluded
Mobile Access to DataFreeFree
Marketing FeaturesLesser than the paid versionAll inclusive
External IntegrationsMany of them available through plugins by communityOfficial Support for Google Calendar, Contact, Twitter, Gmail Sidebar, Xero, Office 365, Kanban for Project Management etc

Vtiger Migration:

CRM Migration is one of the most important tasks once you have decided to use a CRM. Porting of existing contacts, accounts and opportunities from the existing CRM can be a daunting task. There are a few of ways to go about migrating data to Vtiger as enumerated below:

1. Manual Migration: 

Manual Migration is one of the most crude migration strategies that one can follow. You need to have one of your team members wire the data records from one CRM to another. This can work with very small CRM systems with records lower than 1000 rows however, with larger systems, you really stand the risk of losing the data and more importantly the risk of losing the relationships between your CRM data.

2. Official Vtiger migration:

Vtiger officially provides a service to help you migrate the data from your existing CRM to the Vtiger CRM. The service comes at a price if you are migrating from some other CRM. The vtiger official migration service is free if you are migrating from Vtiger open source however.

3. Use Migration Services: 

CRM migration is a very common task and there are some really good 3rd party services to help you migrate from your CRM to Vtiger or to any other CRM for that matter. Once such service is Data2CRM Vtiger Migration Service. The service offers quite a few advantages including:

  • Excludes the possibility of any data loss with security regulations and sign the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Have the total control of users and fields mapping, and map the entities in accordance with your business requirements.
  • Run a free Demo Migration, explore the service in action and find out if the service satisfies your business demands.
  • Eliminate the impact on your both CRMs up time as the SaaS excludes any interruptions of business processes.

Vtiger Review: A Final Take

If you are looking for a CRM and support platform for boosting your team performance and enhancing the business processes at the right costing, Vtiger is an appealing CRM offering. The Vtiger community has been growing with huge leaps and bounds.

To conclude, we can say that Vtiger CRM system has been really doing well over the past few years. We wish to see the same ahead along with some more advanced features added to it.

Hope you enjoyed having a quick Vtiger Review. Do drop us a valuable comment if you are considering to or are already using vTiger CRM for your business.