A fully-featured web conferencing software and a popular choice of businesses. Zoom facilitates organizing and attending online meetings, teaching and conducting training, easy communication and collaboration.

Zoom is a powerful online video conferencing software. Working from home has become the new trend, and tools and applications like Zoom are gaining a lot of traction all around.

Zoom: Key Points to Consider

  1. With this cloud-based conferencing software, you can conduct online meetings and training.
  2. Virtual conference rooms at the tap of a button.
  3. Quality video and screen sharing capabilities add to its advantages.
  4. Hosting Video webinars and cross platform messaging are some of the other important highlights. You can invite participants to attend webinars.
  5. The Group Collaboration functionality helps you create group and interact with specific members.

You can choose from the Pro, Business and Enterprise Plans. Of course, there's also a Free plan that allows to host upto 100 participants with few limitations.

Remote access to webinars and conferences is the need of the hour. Products like Zoom enhance teamwork and collaboration among remote workers.

Zoom Features

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

File Sharing

Private Chat

Video Conferencing

Record & Playback

Two-way Audio & Video

Real-time Chat

Presentation Tool

Screen Sharing Option

On-Demand Webcasting

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