Agile Marketing: Definition & Benefits You must Know!

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2018)

Wondering What is agile marketing? Let’s look at the “agile marketing” definition and some of its benefits through a well designed infographic describing useful details in a simple manner.

Every person who works at any business knows that the key to longevity is sales. Maybe they think that new sales are where it’s at. Maybe they  think that repeat business is key. But sales—the convincing of someone (or a lot of someone’s) to buy a product or service—is the way to stabilise and grow a business into a long-term concern.

But, how to win at sales has changed, and a big part of that change is technology. In years past, businesses could often chart the weather of sales by seasonality or the economy or other mitigating factors—or a combination of many things.

What is Agile Marketing? Definition

Agile Marketing definition according to Wikipedia: ” Agile Marketing is an organisational effectiveness strategy that drives growth through focusing team efforts on those that deliver value to the end-customer.”

Technology, however, has sped up the cycle of knowing what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to sales, communication, and marketing efforts, and knowing how to adapt to that knowledge. That ability is now known as agile marketing.

Agile marketing allows you to take all those inputs—website traffic, open rates, clicks, social media shares to name just a few—and see what’s working, nearly in real time. Add to your inspiration and move forward. If something is hitting big, you can put more resources toward it or even extend the offer. If something has fallen flat, you know to pull it before it sits too long and creates dead weight. And that also means that you can better allocate your resources in the present and in the future.

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The benefits of agile have been beautifully highlighted in this Infographic to help you increase sales in the real world.

Agile Marketing: Increase Sales in Real Time

What’s important to agile marketing is the team—it has to be the right size and composed of the right people. There needs to be defined leadership that’s able to create parameters and priorities. They also must work on an agile schedule, which is often referred to as a series of sprint cycles.

What else goes into an agile marketing team and process? This infographic surely helps to explain it in an easy and elegant way.

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