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Best Free software for PC,free software for PC
(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

Are you ready to learn about a bunch of useful software? We shall take you on a smooth ride enlisting a complete set of Best Free Software for PC.  This will surely guide you in setting up your PC in an efficient manner.

Software can be really expensive if you don’t act in a smart way. However, you don’t need to spend a lot to avail the best services every time. Not all, but few best things are offered free of cost as well. So, we thought why not share one such list of best free software for PC or free programs. A collection of friendly software that shall probably be of no cost to you.

Free software programs have fascinated people since decades. In fact,they are still an attraction for the desktop users all around. Software developers come with varied options both free and premium ones to cater to the needs of different users. Although, the premium versions may offer some extra and advanced features. But, initially if you are short of budget, you can stick to the free versions of various software.

Here, we shall be focusing on Free Software for your Windows based PC and help you enhance your working experience altogether.

Now, what are you still thinking? Have you got a new PC for yourself or you already possess one? Just scroll down and grab exclusive details on the below listed best free software. We have listed 11 different categories of Best Free Software based on their usage and purpose. We wish to make things quite simple for you.

Get ready to explore all the details. Know about Popular & Best free software and equip your Windows PC with all the essential and best free software.

Best Free Software for PC: Top List to Checkout 

1. Free Anti-Malware Software:

  • AVG Antivirus Free: This one is also a good fit in the list of free anti-malware software. A user friendly software that offers a fairly decent protection to your PC. But, you may get to see few pop-ups and notifications while working on your PC.
  • BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition: It identifies and eliminates anything that can pose a risk to your computer’s security. It come loaded with impressive features like link scanning, spyware scanning, boot scanning etc. A great silent tool with comprehensive tools to protect your PC.
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2. Free Backup Software:

  • Comodo Backup: This has lots of features enabling efficient backup process like backup files, folders, browser data, email accounts and even the entire disks. You can take backup on a local or external drive, removable disk like CD/DVD or even send the same through mail. The restoration process is also quite simple and you can do the same at the desired location.
  • EaseUs Todo Backup: This backup software also helps in taking backup of individual folders, files or the entire disk as well. You can change the file compression, split an archive into small parts plus schedule backup on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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3. Web Browser:

  • Google Chrome: We all know about it. Just one line to describe it…You want to have the fastest, safest and the best browsing experience, Google Chrome is the answer to it. It has dominated the Browser market with the awesome quality of features that it offers including speed and continuous development.
  • Mozilla Firefox: This is also amongst the Top 3 popular browsers. A good speed, simple User interface and strong security features add to the great browsing experience.

4. Free Graphics and Imaging Software:

  • is a simple yet powerful free image and photo editing software for your computer that runs on Windows. An easy to use tool that offers some basic as well as some advanced features to create designs of your choice.
  • Inkscape: This can be used for creation of logos, illustrations and graphics that require high scalability. It is widely used tool and is totally free of cost. This is a preferred choice amongst different marketing, branding, graphics industries. So, if you love designing graphics, this may be the one for you.

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5. Free Audio/Recording Software:

  • Audacity: This is a free and flexible open source audio software useful in multi track recording as well as editing. Audacity fully supports Windows 10 and comes packed with various features like recording live audio from microphone, streaming audio, analysing tracks, timer record and sound activated recording also. This free software offers a wide range of options to its users.
  • Oceanaudio: This is also a powerful software for audio editing available free of cost. A friendly user interface helps you understand and adjust to it very easily. A great tool for podcasters and musicians through which making and editing audio seems to be a simple task.
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6. Free Clean-up/Maintenance Utilities Software:

  • CCleaner: This is the most popular and highly appreciated software that is easy to install and comes free of cost. It is easy to use and helps remove all the unnecessary entries, temporary files and browser cookies.It not only acts a security tool but also fastens the speed of your computer.
  • SlimCleaner: This helps to clean your system thoroughly including deletion of temporary data, history, log files and other junk files etc. It enhances your computer’s speed and is an easy to install and use.

7. Free Conferencing Software:

  • Microsoft Skype: A simple and the best video calling experience that you can have. You already know that, don’t you! It offers a whole range of communication options to its users, free easy to use tool that can run on any platform.
  • Mikogo: It is a useful online meeting tool that offers numerous features like ability to control quality of meeting, meeting recording and pause screen sharing as well.

8. Free Firewalls:

  • Zonealarm Free Firewall: This is a commonly used software that protects you from hackers and various malware that may cause threat to your personal and confidential data. Any kind of suspicious behaviour are monitored plus automated backups are an added advantage of using this.
  • Comodo Firewall: Another popular Firewall to secure your PC against viruses,malware and hackers. It secures all connections when you are online and helps to block any internet attacks in a hassle free manner.

9. Free File Recovery Software:

  • Recuva: This is one of the best data recovery software that helps you restore your files from hard drive, external drive, memory cards or removable storage like CDs and DVDs etc. Its easy user interface accompanied by a strong file recovery system and advanced deep scan mode make it a powerful tool.
  • TestDisk: This file recovery software comes with numerous options both for amateurs and experts. An open source software to recover and rebuild your boot sector and get back the lost partitions are some of its salient features.
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10. Free Media Players:

  • VLC Media Player: This is a common choice when it comes to selecting a free media player for your PC. You can play video or music files in any format. A simple to use, flexible and customizable program that really enhances your experience through its impressive features.
  • GOM Media Player: A free audio and video player that supports any format and allows you to play online videos and interactive videos also. Its main features include supporting a 360-degree VR video, a simple clean interface suiting your needs.

11. Free Presentation Software:

  • WPS Office: This is close to Microsoft Office software and fully compatible with PPT and PPTX files. It offers a wide range of impressive templates, animations, transitions, special effects to give a stunning look to your presentation.
  • LibreOffice Impress: This helps in creation of effective multimedia presentations through its easy to use comprehensive drawing tools. An added touch of animation and effects can bring your presentation to life.

Now, that you are aware about the popular and Best free software for your PC, you can easily download and use them in the desired manner and the way you want suiting your own needs.

Your mobile or android phone (as per the latest trend) is full of apps, then why to neglect your PC, give it an equal chance to perform better by downloading some good and quality software!

You know that Software selection plays a vital role while performing any task, whether free or premium you should choose the one that suits your needs.

If you wish to add any other Free software for PC to our list above, go ahead and mention it in the comment section below. We shall update our list with all the genuine and useful free software options and thereby enhance our readers knowledge and experience this field.


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