DesignEvo Review: A Never-Miss-Out Free Online Logo Maker

Designevo review,free logo maker
(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

Do you think making a logo design is easy or difficult? Do you need a brilliant logo without any cost? In this post, we shall make you familiar with one such useful online logo maker that can fetch your brand a unique identity through a nice logo design. Get ready and learn about DesignEvo, a free online logo maker that shall help you solve all the difficulties related to creating a good logo.

As we all know that logo is very important in modern life, especially in the business field and to get a good logo is becoming more difficult. An effective logo is able to speak for your company and brand. Meanwhile, it can attract a large number of potential clients for you. Because of the expensiveness of hiring a professional designer, many small business owners and startups are in trouble with getting a good logo. In order to solve this problem, PearlMountain developed DesignEvo logo maker.

DesignEvo logo maker is a free online tool that allows people to create logos for free easily. It offers 3,000+ well-designed templates, millions of icons, hundreds of fonts and powerful editing tools. All of the features are free and easy to operate.

DesignEvo Review,DesignEvo,free online logo maker,free logo maker

How to create a logo using DesignEvo?

1. Start with a delicate template

There are 3,000+ professional templates that are arranged into 34 different categories including popular choices like Pets, Restaurant, Fashion, Technology, and so much more. No matter what styles and themes you want, you can easily find a first-class logo by browsing the logo templates in various categories or searching for a logo with keywords. There is a list of several popular keywords under the search box on the front page. If you have no idea what to select, why not choose one of the keywords and see if there are some templates that attract you.

Once you find out your preferred template, you can start making your unique design.

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Every template here is fully customizable, which means each element can be adjusted freely. Delete and add the necessary parts with the prepared materials.

DesignEvo Review,DesignEvo,free online logo maker,free logo maker

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2. Decorate with millions of icons and fonts

DesignEvo offers you millions of icons to search for. Start your search with a specific topic or keyword, then select from the various vector icons. You can add it to the template that you liked or use the icons to do your logo design directly. There are a list of 20 popular keywords that remind you if you don’t know what to search. Additionally, the service supports a search history. Then you can easily find out what types you have already searched and which icons you have used before. As all of the icons are vector graphics, you don’t need to worry about the image definition if you need to amplify it.

With these well-designed icons, you can combine any of them with the template’s elements and just use the icon to be the main structure of your new logo.

Then you can choose from different shapes to decorate your logo. There is everything that you expect to find: simple badges, lines, banners, beautiful decorations and many kinds of solid shapes and outlined shapes. There are also high quality vector graphics.

An attractive slogan is necessary for a perfect logo. DesignEvo has two kinds of text categories with a classic style and an art style, which covers hundreds of forms that you need. Select a preferred font and add some words to it to tell people what’s in your mind and what’s your business.

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DesignEvo Review,DesignEvo,free online logo maker,free logo maker

3. Check with preview & output 

When you have finished your logo design, use the preview to check the work you have done. You can see your logo on a T-shirt, on a screen, on a book cover and so on. Decide if it is suitable. Otherwise, you can anyways redesign the logo to meet your specific needs. Thus, it will save much time and effort for you.

After everything is done, you can download it for free. That’s the best part ! The output that you get is of three types: jpg, png, png with transparent backgrounds. Choose a perfect logo for the required occasion or the one that seems to be the best fit for your business.

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A Quick Video : Make A Free Logo in just 3 minutes 

As a newbie, you can use DesignEvo to design a beautiful logo as per your requirement. It is not only free to use but also easy to use.There is no need worry at all, if you are a newbie in logo designing, just like me. All you need to do is click and select. The only difficult thing is that you don’t know which templates or icons to choose because there are so many delicate materials that are dazzled.

DesignEvo is born to help so many small businesses, startups, and independent designers. So, if you need a delicate logo without incurring any cost or possessing any professional skills, then you can work with DesignEvo. If you just want to try to create a logo on your own, then DesignEvo seems to be a great choice.

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DesignEvo, a free, powerful and an easy-to-use online logo maker is prepared just for you. What are you waiting for? Hurry and have a test now! Feel free to share your valuable feedback on the same.


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