(Last Updated On: April 4, 2019)

LG is all set to introduce its new flagship phone that will be known as LG G6. Here we shall be discussing the story of LG G6 so far which shall include LG G6 Phone specification and features in detail.

As and when a new smartphone is set to be launched, there arises an great curiosity amongst the fans as well as the tech experts.The fans crave for something new each time and start raising their expectations.

The most recent addition to roll out in the Smartphone bucket is the LG G6 phone.

LG G6 has already become the talk of the town much before its release due to the various rumours regarding its advanced features and latest technologies being used. LG is a popular name when it comes to smartphones series commonly known as the LG G-Series.

The latest edition in this LG G Series shall be the LG G6 Phone which is all set to be launched very soon, most probably in the first half of the year 2017.

As per past records, LG announces and launches its new phones in the first half of the year :

  • LG G4 Release date was April 2015.
  • LG G5 was announced in February 2016 and launched in April 2016.

So,it seems this year also the Company might be announcing it in February and shall be looking forward to bring it in the markets around April-May 2017 to be more specific.

What are LG G6 Specifications ?

1. Screen Display : LG G6 is expected to have a large screen display of 5.6″ 4K with 4096 x 2160 screen resolution.So,this time, chances are that LG will go with bigger screen with a smaller body.

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2. RAM : It shall have 5 GB RAM.

3. Operating System : Current Android 6.0 Operating System

4. Battery : This flagship phone will have a battery of 4200 mAh. It shall be having an improved battery life over previous versions.

5. Processor : Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz processor that will be one of the best processors in the LG G series models.

6. Memory : 64 or 128 GB internal memory and expandable memory of upto 128 GB. It has a dual micro SD card.

7. Camera : Rear camera of 24 Megapixels (MP) and Front camera of 7 Megapixels (MP).It shall also have dual LED flash, 3D front and back camera element plus an auto laser focus.This sounds quite interesting, especially if you like clicking pictures on your smartphone.So,we can expect some innovative features for the photo freaks.

8. Safety : Reports reveal that LG is taking additional safety measures for its new flagship smartphone. This phone shall have a new “heat pipe” cooling technology to conduct heat away from the processor. This cooling system shall reduce the temperature and prevent battery overheating. The Company is assuring to significantly improve the safety features in its new flagship phone.

What are Features of LG G6 Phone ?

Here are some of the magnificent key features that are expected to be seen in this upcoming smartphone LG G6 :

  • LG G6 shall have a bendable display.
  • LG G6 shall have Corning Gorilla glass.
  • Finger print scanner is likely to be there.
  • It shall be waterproof, this one seems interesting.
  • It is expected to have Wireless charging option.
  • It shall be available in different colors like Black,White,Blue,Copper and Gold.
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What shall be the price of LG G6 Phone ?

The flagship phones are quite costly and LG G6 shall be no exception to it.It shall also range on the higher side.

The price list of this flagship phone LG G6 in some of the countries is expected to be as follows :

  • Australia : 1017 Australian Dollar
  • England : 479 British Pound Sterling
  • Canada : 985 Canadian Dollar
  • United States : 750 $
  • India : Rs.47759
  • France : 688 Euro
  • Germany : 688 Euro
  • China : 4657 Chines Yuan

Source of LG G6 price list : lgg6.org

However, the official price list shall be announced very soon by the Company near its release.

Rumours also say that LG will be stepping up its design and its new strategic smartphone LG G6 will have a complete makeover over any of the previous smartphones.

This was all the information that we could grab about this latest addition to the bunch of smartphones LG G6, specifications,features,price and release date.

So,get ready to have a more premium look for this latest edition to the LG G-Series : LG G6 all set to be grab the smartphone lover’s attention.

Do you like using a smartphone ? Feel free to share your thoughts on the upcoming flagship phone LG G6. How will it stand out amidst other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 ?

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