Spectrocoin : Review, Fees, Affiliate program, Debit Card

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

Spectrocoin is a distinguished player in the bitcoin exchange and wallet market. Its unique in the sense that it provides a Spectrocoin Card that you can use across the world. In this post we discuss about Spectrocoin Review, Spectrocoin Affiliate Program, Fees and whether spectrocoin is safe and Legit to buy bitcoins.

Spectrocoin Features

Spectrocoin exchange is known for its feature richness. Here are some of the salient features:

  1. Spectrocoin Debit Card : One of the unique features that spectrocoin is known for. You can get a debit card from Spectrocoin with any currency loaded in it and use it for shopping etc.
  2. Multiple Currency Support : Spectrocoin supports uploading of multiple currencies in the account like GBP, USD, EUR, BTC, DASH and much more.
  3. Payment Methods : Spectrocoin has a host of payment methods including but not limited to Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Debit Card(this facility might be limited to uploading the funds in EUR only), payeer, OkPay etc

We discuss more details in the blog further.

How does Spectrocoin Work ?

Spectrocoin works more like a broker format i.e you buy bitcoin from the exchange itself rather than buying it from the peers like localbitcoins or Paxful. This might mean that you could need to pay more as compared to the actual bitcoin price at that moment because brokerages include their own margin/brokerage when they sell the bitcoins. However, this does come with a comfort of buying from a known exchange/platform which would mean lesser chances of getting defrauded.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin from Spectrocoin

Spectracoin provides a really easy to use and fast interface to buy bitcoin from them. Steps Are as simple as following:

  1. Upload the Fiat or virtual Currency you want to buy the bitcoin with (Please note that you might be able to upload only EUR depending upon your country and Verification Status, Un-Verified Accounts can’t buy using credit card or a debit card).
  2. Once the upload is done, the balance is available in your account to buy the bitcoins from. The balance might take some time to come if the money was uploaded using credit or debit card.
  3. You can now use the balance amount to buy bitcoin in your spectrocoin account.
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What all payment methods and currencies are supported to Buy bitcoin from Spectrocoin ?

Spectrocoin supports a host of payment methods and currencies. The fees and the requirement and availability of funds may differ depending upon the type of payment method used. The following payment methods are supported:

Credit/Debit Card : You can send funds in your spectrocoin account using credit/debit card. You may do this only if you are a verified customer and you will be able to upload only EUR using Credit/Debit Card.

SEPA : For EU countries, the money can be transferred using SEPA.

E-Wallets: You Can transfer money using a lot of e-wallets like OkPay, Neteller, Payeer, PerfectMoney etc.

What are Spectrocoin fees and charges ?

Deposits into spectrocoin are charged at various levels. The fees for depositing EUR through credit card is 5.5%, however this fee can be lowered to as much as zero by using some other payment methods like SEPA or wire transfer.

Bitcoin Purchase fees have a margin built into. The amount of spread is not clear though.

Is Spectrocoin Legit(Safe)?

Spectrocoin has a long history of being in business. It has been offering services like wallet, debit card, bitcoin exchange along with may payment options. They follow AML and KYC procedures for verification very strictly. Till the point, one follows general safety precautions with cryptocurrencies, the purchase and further usage of spectrocoin should be safe enough.

Spectrocoin Wallet

Spectrocoin has a popular wallet service which you can use to store your bitcoin online. You can also send to this wallet and store your bitoin. However we strongly recommend most of our users to maintain an offline cold wallet and maintain only the amount of bitcoin that you intend to use frequently online on the hot wallets.Have a look at our post on best bitcoin wallets in industry.

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Spectrocoin Debit Card

Spectrocoin debit card  is a popular card that can be used for shopping from the bitcoin held in your wallet. The bitcoin will be converted to fiat currency internally by the exchange and the payment made to the merchant.

Spectrocoin debit card can be got from the exchange after opening an account and its a unique feature not available in any other exchange.

Spectrocoin Affiliate Program

Spectrocoin has a generous affiliate program and the payout starts from 10% and can go much more than that as well. The best part of spectro affiliate program is that the payout happens daily without any limit so you get your payouts as quickly as it can get.


Spectrocoin is a strong player in the bitcoin exchange market and some of their offerings are really unique. One must look into spectrocoin as a platform to buy bitcoin.


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