Website Development Basics : Factors to consider when designing a Website

Website Development Basics,web design factors
(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

Go through the below Infographic that will make you understand the 12 important Website Development Basics in an easy manner. After going through this website development basics infographic, you will become aware of the factors to consider when designing a website.

If you are planning to build a website or getting it done from someone, you must have a look at this cool infographic that will teach you the Basics of Website development in a simple manner.

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Important Website Development Basics to know :

1. Domain Name : A simple and good name that is easy to remember . You can select with extension .com or .net or something else.

2. Hosting : You need to decide upon a reliable hosting service provider based on how much capacity you need.

3. Technology : You website is built on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery etc.

4. Purpose : The site shall be used for business, e-commerce, professional or blogging etc.

5. Good design : A simple yet professional design with a good site layout, fonts, background etc.

6. Unique content : Informative and quality content, images and infographics for the users.

7. Easy navigation : Easy navigation facility for the users i.e. they can easily find out what they are looking for.

8. Optimized : Your website has to be SEP optimized or simply stating it should be search engine friendly.

9. Cross Browser : The website must be viewed in different type of browsers like Google chrome, firefox, internet explorer, safari etc.

10. Analytics : You should setup the analytics to monitor how your site is performing and what else you can do to further improve and optimize it.

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11. Security : You must ensure all security features for the website as well as its visitors providing their details.

12. Social media : In the present scenario, social media integration is necessary right from the beginning, to get easy sharing opportunities for your content. This is is fact, a crucial step to grow your audience and turn your venture to a successful one.

These are the 12 Website development basics that you need to remember when building a good website.

If you follow these basics of website development, you can come up with an awesome website design that will convince the visitors to back again and again.

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If you have any other points to add to the list of Website development basics, feel free to add the same in our comment section below !

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