(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

Have you ever thought of starting your own personal blog? Are you thinking to make blogging career and build a name in this field? Before that, you need to keep your blogging basics very clear. If you follow simple yet useful blogging tips, you can land yourself in a better position.

So, if you are looking forward to have your own blog, do checkout the Infographic below on ” 10 Things Your Blog Must Have ” :

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10 Important Things Your Blog must have:

These are the 10 important things that your Blog must have :

  1. A Great Niche: A great niche is the most important pre-requisite of starting a blog. Choose a blogging niche that is of your interest. The content you would really love to write upon.
  2. Unique and Quality Content: Content is king and quality matters the most for a blog to be successful.
  3. A Good Theme: A visually appealing theme that is closely related to your blog niche can do wonders. You can start with a free theme. As your blog grows, you can eventually switch over to a paid theme.
  4. Beautiful & Optimised Images: Impressive images attract visitors. But, make sure you use the free stock images only. You can create your own visuals and graphics to add variety to your blog.
  5. An About Page: Make the viewers aware on two aspects: Who you are and what’s your professional background? and What is your blog all about? This can gain more trust from the audience.
  6. A Contact Page: Where can people contact you, if they want to? Some serious business opportunities and monetization strategies are hidden here. So, do highlight your mailing address.
  7. A Search Bar: An easy search bar for your visitors to explore diverse topics of their interest. Easy navigation to different pages further grabs user attention.
  8. Social Sharing Buttons: In today’s world you simply can’t deny the role of social media channels. You also want to make an online presence and promote your blog. Hence, give your visitors a chance to share your blogs easily. Do add social share buttons at a place where they are clearly visible.
  9. Comment Section: Getting feedback from the visitors of your blog sounds interesting. This helps you connect with your audience and know their interests. But, beware of spammy comments and approve only the genuine ones.
  10. E-mail subscription tool: Having an e-mail subscription tool is indeed a great way to win regular visitors to your blog or website. You can send weekly newsletters or share some of your latest blog posts to your subscriber list. This is a great way to grow your blog and make it popular.

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Hence, these are some of the essential ingredients for making your blog fit for readers. A combination of these blogging tips and ideas can take your blog to a new level.

What are you still thinking? Any other blog requisites that we forgot to discuss? Do share with us in the comment section.