Artificial Intelligence Books: Best List for Beginners and Learners

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(Last Updated On: January 24, 2019)

Are you curious to have an in depth knowledge of trending topic of artificial intelligence? Not sure where to begin from? No need to worry! You can start by digging into some of the Best Books on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Beginners and Learners. So, here we have brought for you a set of trending Artificial Intelligence books.

Reading books is a cherished task! No doubt, this gives you immense pleasure and also the ability to let loose your creativity. Moreover, it is an ideal way to enhance your knowledge and skills on varied subjects and topics. On top of that, if you get to read on AI which is the current interest, its simply awesome.

We are residing in an ever progressing technological era. So, gathering knowledge and becoming more informed and skilled in AI is the need of the hour.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, as you might be aware is the capability of a computer or machine to think and learn like humans. It is having a great impact on our lives and leading our path to a completely revolutionised world. To be precise, AI has both its promises and rewards.

The influence of AI in our lives can’t be denied. For instance, smartphones, smart cars, drones, video games etc. are all examples of AI. Undoubtedly, these form an indispensable part of our everyday living.

Now, do you wish to delve into the rich history, and enthralling world of AI? If yes, there is no better way than getting your hands on some of the best books on AI.

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So, let’s get started with a great collection of Best Artificial Intelligence books.

Artificial Intelligence Books or AI: A must read

1. Artificial Intelligence By Example: Develop machine intelligence from scratch using real artificial intelligence use cases

By Denis Rothman

Artificial Intelligence By Example serves as a beginners guide for you to understand the fundamentals of AI. With the aid of gripping examples and case studies, this one is truly impressive. Moreover, this comprehensive guide will make you an adaptive thinker and help you apply concepts to real-life scenario.

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A clear, informative and descriptive guide for junior developers as well as experienced developers. Not only this, a perfect fit for technology consultants, and those interested in AI.

2. Artificial Intelligence: The Basics

By Kevin Warwick

Artificial Intelligence: The Basics is an incisive and forefront introduction to the advancing world of AI. The author looks into the matter of what it means to be a man or machine. He also explores the progress made in robotics. The book covers history and latest developments in AI.

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This one is good enough for anyone who is fascinated by AI. It also gives an enlightening and approachable information on this enthralling topic of artificial intelligence.

3. Surviving AI: The promise and peril of artificial intelligence

By Calum Chace

Surviving AI is a concise, intelligible guide to what is approaching, putting you across technological unemployment  and the possible creation of a super-intelligence . It is a simple, and understandable study of the risks and rewards that mankind will face from Artificial Intelligence.

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In fact, it is a good read for anyone curious to know about AI. In addition to it, this displays the advantages and dangers for the humanity in the future.

4. Architects of Intelligence: The truth about AI from the people building it

By Martin Ford

Architects of Intelligence unwraps the truth behind AI evolution. The major innovations and its impact on job market, economy, and society are presented nicely. This book comprises of a series of detailed interviews and conversations. With whom, guess what? With twenty-three of world’s leading researchers and entrepreneurs working in AI and robotics.

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Indeed, a great way to figure out the challenges and outcomes of the emerging fields of science that are shaping our future. A nice read!

5. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

By Max Tegmark

Life 3.0 explores Artificial Intelligence and its influence on the future of life on Earth and beyond. The author analysis the various social impacts, possible end results, and emerging futures for mankind, technology, and association of both. It is a pioneering survey of what the future may have in store for mankind.

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An International Bestseller, and a thoughtful and visionary book that you probably can’t miss to read!

Best Artificial Intelligence Books: Add on list

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In addition to the listed few, you have an enormous book pool to plunge into. However, we know even these handful of amazing artificial intelligence books, shall leave you more informed. In fact, you can turn out to be more skilled in the field of AI.

Furthermore, they can guide you through your technological journey, that too without much of an expense.

You can also scroll through Best Technology Books to enhance your knowledge pool.

Which AI book you liked more than the rest and why? Feel free to add any other popular books on Artificial Intelligence in the comments section. Contribute and be an active part in making our list more comprehensive! We shall appreciate your feedback.

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