Angular Templates: Why Businesses Choose WrapPixel?

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(Last Updated On: January 23, 2018)

Angular website templates or Angular templates are popular among businesses of all sectors. Angular is a framework used for designing appealing and intuitive interfaces for both the customer-facing side of a website and the administration area (or dashboard).

This article looks at What Angular is, why it is so popular and the features and benefits businesses can expect from WrapPixel’s portfolio of admin templates. WrapPixel provides quality Angular admin templates and dashboards at sensible prices.

Angular: Google’s Front-End Framework for App Developers

First of all, what is Angular anyway? Angular is created by a dedicated Google team. It is what is known as a ‘front-end development framework’.

In the world of website and app development, the front-end refers to anything that deals with the client-side. In simple terms, this tends to refer to anything that the visitor (e.g. the customer of a business) sees and interacts with. Front-end developers most often work with three core programming languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Whereas HTML and CSS mainly govern how a website looks (HTML provides the structure, CSS the design), JavaScript brings the website to life by adding interactive elements. This is a little bit simplistic, since you can use JavaScript to style webpages as well, but this is the basic division of labour between front-end languages.

Angular is written in a subset of JavaScript known as TypeScript. This was created and maintained by Microsoft but it is an open source language so anybody can make use of it for their projects.

Angular is mainly used for building cross-platform applications. These are apps that can be used on the web, on desktop and laptop computers and on mobile devices. Whether you use Mac Os, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, Angular-based apps can work on your machine.

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Angular is also used to build front-end website templates. And this is where WrapPixel comes in.

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Why Developers and Businesses Love Angular?

Developing code for applications and templates is a complex and time-consuming task. Anything that can make the process quicker and more enjoyable without diluting its power is bound to find favour with coders.

This is precisely the aim behind the Angular project which is designed around the goals of making front-end web development effortless and even fun. After all, being able to create beautiful and creative apps and templates should be enjoyable, shouldn’t it? Testing and debugging code is a case in point. Angular includes helpful features to speed up the entire testing process, from intelligent code completion (think predictive text but for coders), to instant error notification and wide compatibility with different programming environments.

From a more corporate angle, the faster an app or template can be built, tested and debugged, the quicker you can get it to market.

Another common problem for native app and template developers has always been ensuring the final version is compatible across the many different operating systems and browsers – including legacy versions – available to consumers. Angular’s cross-platform capability wins on that front too.

From an end-user perspective this is great news. Businesses can download Angular templates in the full knowledge that their customers will be able to view and interact with them whatever device and operating system they arrive from. And because development time is so much shorter, there are plenty of low cost and free admin templates on the market.

Now on to WrapPixel:

WrapPixel: The Front End to your Back End

WrapPixel specialises in the admin templates space.So, if you are looking for an attractive and functional dashboard or administration panel, WrapPixel is the place to come.

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To avoid confusion, even though the administration page and dashboard is at the back end of your website (i.e. your customer doesn’t see it), an Angular template is still perfect for your needs. That is because Angular determines what you and your staff see and how you interact with the admin page. It is still a front-end development project.

Features and Benefits: Why Choose WrapPixel’s Angular Admin Templates?

1. Affordable and Free Angular Templates

One of the main reasons why WrapPixel are a popular choice for sourcing Angular admin and dashboard templates is the affordable prices. Angular has made it much easier for developers to work efficiently and produce powerful, functional and attractive templates in a fraction of time. This is bringing the prices of such templates down but some marketplaces continue to offer Angular templates in the thousands of pounds.

Since TypeScript (the Angular coding language) is open source, and therefore freely available, you really have to have a good reason (above profits) to charge high end prices. There may be premium template developers out there who have the design skill, reputation and coding knowhow to justify high prices. However, WrapPixel knows that it is perfectly possible to purchase an admin template that will fulfil most business owners’ needs for less than $25. This is the price you can expect from WrapPixel.

WrapPixel also offers cost-effective angular templates and UI bundles and even a selection of free Angular dashboard templates for those businesses really looking for a bargain.

2. Organised Template Browsing

For businesses specifically looking for Angular admin templates, it can be time-consuming to narrow down your search from front-end templates to back-end templates and then further still to Angular admin or dashboard templates.

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As admin template specialists, WrapPixel have organised their website into logical sections. If you need Angular templates, go straight to the ‘Angular Admin Templates’ option. WrapPixel also includes on-site live demos of all angular templates which you can view and interact with before you download. Try out as many as you like!

3. Template Support

Some template marketplaces are set up to simply sell the product and move on to the next customer. Even though Angular admin templates are purpose-built to be simple to understand and intuitive, WrapPixel understands that you may need some support, particularly while getting used to using the template. That is why the paid-for angular templates come with a year’s free support, provided in a timely fashion.

WrapPixel are confident that you will find the complete solution for creating an attractive dashboard for your website back-end. Most importantly, you will have access to Angular-powered intuitive features and functionality. This will help you to make sense of your business data while quickly accessing the mission-critical areas of your website.

Hope you enjoyed checking these useful and deeper insights on Angular templates? Which is your favourite angular admin template? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments and help our readers know a bit more on Angular website templates.


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