Best Logo Design Software: Free & Premium List 2022

Best Logo design software, logo design software
(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

Through this blog, we shall take you on a journey to explore a collection of the Best Logo Design Software. This shall help you create a beautiful and eye-catching logo for your business. You can scroll through the Free and Premium Logo Design Software and the exclusive features and benefits of each of them.

A Logo is a unique identity, a distinct graphic image that communicates your brand and promotes your business or service. So, having a stunning logo that clearly defines your work and identifies your company seems to be an indispensable part for any business to grow.

Now, for getting a wonderful logo, you primarily have 2 options :

  1. Logo Designing through a Professional
  2. Logo Designing yourself online or offline

For the second option i.e. designing a logo yourself, you need to have access to good and reliable logo design tools. But, finding the right logo design software is not an easy task. You are bound to get confused looking at the tons of options available around.

Hence, we have handpicked few of the popular logo design software to simplify the process of logo designing for you. You can try different logo design ideas using these popular software. However, for putting them to use you might have to bear a small cost.

Remember, an incredible logo can leave a long lasting impression on your clients or the visitors of your site. So, having an amazing logo can definitely promote your business and build a distinguished brand.

This list is not in any sequential order, just few tried and tested logo designing tools that we wished to share with our readers.

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6 Best Logo Design Software: Top List

1. LogoGenie:

Logogenie seems to be one of the oldest on the web. It has a user friendly online logo design service that uses AI to generate logo templates. The logo templates are customizable by using the online logo design tools. You can change shapes, icons, fonts and colors in minutes. It also has a bunch of cool details and gizmos that you can use to give your logo that extra personal touch.

This professional online logo design tool offers affordable logos with high resolution JPG, PNG, PDF graphic files. Choose from over 1500 logos and start designing your company logo now.

2. Logomaker:

An easy to use, friendly logo design software that helps you build a unique and amazing logo design instantly. This is real gem when you talk about Do-it-yourself logo design software. Just create your own excellent logo piece in a short while by choosing from 10000+ professionally designed icons. All you have to do is:

Click Start My Logo button>Select an icon>Add Your Business Name>Customise it and that’s it! You are ready with an perfect logo design.

You can go for its free trial version before actually buying it. An affordable logo design software offering you a quality outcome.

3. Canva:

Personally, this is one of my favourite designing tools! I just love its awesome features that effortlessly direct you to unleash your hidden creativity that too in an impressive manner. Labelled as one of the best graphic design software, Canva outshines as a wonderful logo designing software as well.

You get to explore Canva’s professionally designed logo templates, edit and customise to build your own remarkable logo piece. This one is actually a complete and best graphic design software to cater to all your graphic needs.

4. Logo Garden:

Logo Garden is yet another addition to the list of best online logo design software. Make your logo by browsing from 1000s of icon options and pick-n-click tools. You can edit text, create fonts, size, apply various colours and effects to turn your logo into an impressive one.

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Save your designed logo and edit it whenever you wish to do so. You can use the Free logo creator or avail their professional graphic designer services.

5. AAA Logo Design Software:

AAA Logo helps you make an attractive logo for your business. Select a template, try various icons, apply different styles and you have a professional looking logo design with you. Not only this, you can create website or business graphics in a very easy manner.

You can get to choose from 500+ templates and thousands of logo icons that can suit a wide range of businesses.The download and installation of the logo is even more simpler.

6. Designhill Logo Design:

A great online platform to get dozens of quality graphic designs including logos at quite an affordable price. Designhill is a leading crowd sourcing platform used by graphic designers. You can also launch a logo design contest on this website and get numerous logo design ideas in response.

Browse through 1000s of logo icons, use different editing options and enjoy best designs and features with their online logo generator. Sounds so simple and easy even for a beginner in graphic designing!

A whole bunch of other useful additions to the list of popular logo design software are:

  • LogoSmartz
  • LogoYes
  • Quick logo designer
  • DesignWorkz
  • Graphic Spring
  • Designmantic
  • Online Logo Maker
  • LogoFactory

Logo Design Software: A Final Take

There are tons of logo designing applications or software around. So, choose the logo software that suits your specific requirements and most importantly the one that is a perfect fit for your business.

Now, this was our list of Best Logo Design SoftwareHave you tried using any of these Online Logo Design software? Did we miss out any important software name? Do you wish to add any other logo maker name whether free or premium one.

Feel free to share the same in the comments. You can also drop us an e-mail covering various details of your mentioned logo designing software. We would love to review it and enhance this software collection for our readers.

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