Best Note Taking Apps 2022: Organize Your Notes

Best Note Taking Apps, organize notes
(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

Through this post, we’ll be covering some of the Best Note Taking Apps that you can use to organize your notes in a perfect manner.

As the new technologies are coming up more frequently than ever, as a result, the digital formats are becoming more popular and people are using various visual note-taking applications rather than the analog ones. But before we begin there are certain things we should keep in mind before choosing any note-taking application.

Note-Taking Apps: Key Points to Consider

Here are some crucial points to be considered:

1. Cost

The cost is the most important factor for many. With the rate of new products and updates being released users should consider the application which gives all the essential functions but at the same time not very expensive. Because for some, it does not feel wise to buy an expensive note-taking application rather they would like to stick with the analog way to save money.

2. Time

Time is very important for visual note-taking. The process and user interface should be very simple so that the process of taking notes can be easier and convenient even from the first time users.

Visual note-taking applications are normally preferred to visualize, clarify, and organize the information. But, if you can’t efficiently take them, then their meaning is lost.

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3. Shareability

So many of us prefer visual note-taking as they are easy to share. Note-taking apps that offer a wide range of sharing options normally get more popularity very easily.

So here in this article, we are going to some of the best note-taking applications to use in 2020.

Top Note-Taking Apps

Let’s begin discuss each of the Note-taking app one by one.

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1. Evernote

When someone thinks about note-taking the first application that comes to their mind is Evernote. It is an amazing note-taking system that can be accessed from various devices. It is not just a normal note-taking application, it also offers a solution to a range of things for writing, collaborating, and researching.

Evernote lets the user create notes very quickly and easily and the interface is very easy to use. Evernote can be used to take notes, create to-do lists and reminders, or upload various attachments, and much more.

It can sync all your notes across different devices. The platform can be used to collaborate with other team members or colleagues on a particular project.

The free version has all the essential features but if you want features like PIN lock or offline support options, you can purchase the premium version which costs only 3 USD.

2. Google Keep

It is a note-taking application offered by Google. Even though the application is not equally good like Evernote but it has some unique features. Google Keep offers a very simple home screen widget where you can easily take a quick note; create to-do lists, reminders, and much more. The application is offered by Google so the application is very secure.

The best thing about Google Keep is that it is very easy to use. The notes can be easily synced to Google drive and can be accessed from various devices. Google Keep also has a voice to text transcription option where you can take note by saying something.

3. Notion

Notion is one of the best note-taking applications if you are looking for an application that’s somewhat equivalent to Evernote. Notion is a combination of various applications. It offers a powerful search and organization feature as Evernote does.

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Notion also offers a feel of a whiteboard and offers a modern aesthetic look which makes it an attractive note-taking application available in the market. Notion is not a normal note-taking application; rather it is an app for taking notes as well as for creating notes and managing various tasks and projects by using a range of spreadsheets and databases.

The collaboration option and the workplace like facilities make it suitable for any type of activities. Notion can also be used to make meeting notes, hiring and managing new employees and their information, and so on. The only con is that the user interface is a little bit complex than Evernote.

Notion offers both free and premium plans. The personal plan is free for lifetime and the price for the premium plans starts from 4 USD.

4. Simplenote

As the name suggests the application is one of the simplest note-taking applications available in the market. The app is available across all the operating systems. So, the notes you take here can be synced on all your devices.

Simplenote is simply for taking notes; you can’t add any rich text formats and also can’t upload any file attachments such as images or videos with your note. It offers a minimalist and affordable way to take notes or creating a to-do list and instructions and share it with others.

The best thing about Simplenote is that it is completely free and there is no up-gradation option or subscription plan so the application, as well as the backup, syncing, and sharing all these options, can be accessed for free forever.

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5. Standard Notes

Do you need an application where you can create notes and only you can read those? Then Standard Notes is the application you should be using. The application is completely free and it can be accessed from all the operating systems. It lets you encrypt your notes so that only you can decrypt and read it in the later stage. You can add passcodes for all your notes so that only you can open it.

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Standard Notes is another minimalist note-taking application and it doesn’t support rich text or any type of file attachments.

The application is suitable for creating personal notes, tasks and to-do lists, meeting notes, journals and research papers, books, and much more. It offers a two-factor authentication system for making your notes more secure than ever.

The notes and data can be easily backed up to other third-party applications such as One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Standard Notes offer both free and premium plans and the price for the premium plan starts from 2.48 USD.

Note-Taking Apps: A Final Take

So this was our bunch of the best note-taking apps that you can use to quickly take and manage your notes. All these applications have a few pros and cons, but they offer the best solution than any other note-taking application.

Which note-taking application do you like? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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