6 Best Free Screen Recorder Software: Download easily!

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(Last Updated On: October 1, 2019)

A screen recorder helps you capture and share the desired footage right from your desktop. If you simply wish to capture what’s on your screen and stream high quality videos from your webcam or desktop, you need to grab the right recording software. So, here we have handpicked few popular and Best free Screen Recorder Software that are quite easy for you to download.

Looking at the ever growing video content on internet, people have realised the need of screen recording software to catch up the pace. These screen recording tools help you record video streams from your desktop, webcam or other devices. Some recording software may even let you live stream your recordings directly. Creating how-to-videos to demonstrate on any topic, recording game-plays to share with friends or uploading on video streaming services like YouTube, you require a screen recording software or app.

So, let’s have a look at some of the trending free screen recorder software around the globe and know them better:

6 Best Free Screen Record Software: Capture Quality Videos

1. OBS Studio:

If you are an avid gamer, this one’s for you! Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio is open source and powerful best free screen recorder software. OBS ranks quite high in the list of best free screen recorders for high definition streaming of games. You can make high quality recordings without any restrictions on the number of your creations. It easily captures games running in full screen mode and is supported to record at 60FPS (or higher).

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OBS Studio supports a variety of video encoding technologies like AMD video coding engine, Intel Quick Sync video and x264 library. This might seem to be a bit techy and you may take time to learn its controls. But, this features-packed screen software is surely a great deal!

2. Flashback Express:

Flashback Express, a useful addition to the free screen recorders that’s suitable for recording games plus capturing from your desktop or webcam. An easy to use and simple interface is an ideal fit even for beginners who have never tried hands on a screen recorder. You can export your recording to YouTube, FTP server or your personal computer. Further, there’s no limit on length of recordings you wish to make with this free version of screen recorder.

Flashback Express seems to be a good screen recorder for first-time users wishing to create video tutorials or simple demonstrations. There’s no watermark added to your work and you can enjoy the free features easily.

3. TinyTake:

Tinytake, another name to add to your list of best free screen recorders. Its free version looks like a screenshot tool and is capable of recording video clips from your desktop as well as webcam. “Tiny” the name itself describes its one characteristic of recording only tiny video clips upto 5 minutes in length. You enjoy only limited features like video recording and access to free 2GB cloud storage for sharing your photos and videos. For anything extra, you need to switch to its paid version!

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4. XSplit Broadcaster:

XSplist Broadcaster, a robust and one of the best free screen recorder loaded with a tons of useful features to explore while recording. It has been especially designed to record high quality videos plus stream them over internet as well. Its main highlights include feeding videos and audio fro different sources, live streaming and direct sharing to different platforms.

XSplit also supports capture cards to record from external devices. Its functionality can be enhanced by adding different custom plugins. The free version allows you to capture video quality to 720p at 60FPS. It supports recording upto 1080p alongwith a watermark. For having access to advance options and removal of watermark, you need to move on to the premium version.

5. Icecream Screen Recorder:

Icecream Screen recorder helps you capture your screen with an user friendly interface and a suite of effective tools. You can record webcam videos alongwith function of screen recording. Its quite easy to make professional-looking videos for webinars and games.

The free version offers only 10 minutes of recording time and available video format is WEBM only. Of course, the Pro version comes packed with a number of enhanced benefits for you to access!

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6. VLC Media Player:

Did you know that VLC can also work as a screen recorder for Windows Operating System.So, you can esaily capture videos clips of your desktop, capture footage from webcam and you can save it. VLC acts as a basic solution for the ones who just need a screen recorder for basic purposes.

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Few more to add to our best free screen recorder collection: DU Recorder, Screen Cast-O-Matic, iSpring Free and Camtstudio.

Screen recorders are quite handy tools to record the ongoing activities on your screen. When you search for a Free screen recorder, you get a plenty of them around. Analyse your requirements and purpose of using these screen recorder tools before selecting the right one!

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This was our exclusive list of some of the trending and best free screen recorder software. Which recording software do you prefer to use? Are you satisfied with the free screen recorders or you are looking forward to test their paid versions as well? If you wish to add any other screen recorder name in our collection, do let us know in the comment section with relevant details. You can also drop in a mail sharing the highlights of the software you enjoy using.

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