(Last Updated On: November 30, 2017)

If you are looking for an easy to use and a reliable graphic tool in order to bring your imagination to life, Snappa : Best Graphic Design Software is there to help you. Snappa is indeed a great graphic design application crafted to create online graphics in a snap.

Let us get into some deeper insights on this graphic design software or application as we call it : A Complete Snappa Review !

To start with,the first thing that we are concerned is how to use any new software.So,just chill ! A good news for you. No formal software training needed, just get started with this simple to use graphic design tool and create stunning visuals.Even if you are a beginners or a non-designer, its super easy to use it.

Moreover, when you create a new Snappa account, a super quick tutorial straight from the co-founder is there to welcome you,that helps you get started quickly.

Snappa is in fact one of the best Canva alternative and a popular choice amongst graphic designer tools.

Snappa : Features of this Best Graphic Design tool

  • A wonderful graphics editor
  • A Stunning collection of visuals
  • A huge set Beautiful templates
  • Good Customisation features
  • Easy Uploading features
  • Easy saving/organising options
  • Lovely fonts
  • Social media compatibility
  • Team sharing
  • A Friendly customer support

Snappa, a graphic design software giving endless possibilities for creating stunning graphics.The best part is that the photos and graphics in Snappa are 100% royalty free.

Snappa : How to get started with this Online Graphic Design Tool?

Nothing much to do…You just need to have a laptop/desktop and internet connection to get started with Snappa.

Wait…You also need to register and create your Snappa Account before starting using it.You can get started with the free account initially by just filling up your basic personal information like Name and E-mail id.

Here is a screen shot for the first time users who desire to open a Snappa Account :

Snappa,graphic design software

Done with that, your Snappa account is all ready to use. You can simply Login with your Username and password whenever you wish to use Snappa the next time.

If you like it, I mean, no doubt…you are surely going to like and enjoy using it.Gradually, you can upgrade it to the Pro Plan as per your priorities and requirements.

You need to select a graphic dimension and here you go…you are all ready to turn your ideas into mesmerising graphics.

Look how simple it is, just a couple of clicks and you are all set to access this fast and super-friendly tool to create a wide range of quality online graphics.

Snappa Pricing and Plans :

There are primarily 3 kinds of pricing plans for Snappa, that you can checkout :

1. Starter :

A free plan per user with 50k+HD photos & graphics.But, this is limited to 5 downloads per month only.You get access to limited plans and only 2 social accounts. No worries…for exploring the advanced features and unlimited options you can switch over to the Premium plans, that are offered at quite a reasonable price.

This might be a good free package for starters and non-designers who have limited needs and usage of graphics. But,for professionals like graphic designers and freelancers looking to get something extra from their creations, checking out the Pro and Team plans will benefit.

2. Pro :

Snappa’s Pro plan comprises of really advanced features and benefits that you just can’t ignore it.In addition to 50k+HD photos & graphics, you can enjoy unlimited downloads and unlimited templates.You can connect to unlimited social accounts to enhance your user experience and grow your business.You also have other customisation options like custom font uploads and buffer integration.

What else can you expect from a complete and impressive graphic design tool like Snappa that too at a low cost of just 10$ per month.

3. Team :

This is best for more than one user i.e. its suitable for a team of 5 members.Don’t worry if you need more that 5 users on your Team Plan, you can contact Snappa team and they are always ready to help you.The features and offering are similar to the Pro plan, the difference being that Pro is for a single user and Team is for multiple users.So, you can enjoy unlimited downloads,templates plus unlimited social accounts,custom font uploads and buffer integration just like the Pro Plan.

An easy team collaboration by sharing designs & folders is a real additional advantage of this best graphic design software.Your team can have easy access to shared visuals and grab seamless benefits from this useful design software.

Our Final take on Snappa :

Snappa has been a common choice of marketers,bloggers and entrepreneurs who publish and share visual content.

This seems to be a perfect graphic design software guiding you in building your own masterpieces.The free plan might not offer you quite many options.But,once your work or business grows and reaches new heights, you can surely think of moving towards the paid plans.

If you are into graphic designing, some real benefits are to follow with this user friendly, customisable and time saving designer tool.

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Have you tried this online graphic design tool, Snappa and succeeded in creating some eye-catching images ? If yes, do share your experiences and valuable feedback on the same.If not, don’t miss out to give it a try and build your own amazing graphics.