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Do you wish to learn a foreign language, but are are confused from where to start? Are you looking for a good and reliable language learning app to brush up your language skills? If yes, let’s make your search easy and enlist a set of free language learning apps plus some premium ones as well, to grab the basics of a new language. Do go through our exclusive list of Best Language Learning Apps.

There are a number of applications and software to help you learn a new language. We are highlighting the few important ones that can be instrumental in making you fluent in a new foreign language.

You might be interested in learning a new language for any reason like travel, settling abroad, business purpose or just for your personal satisfaction. Whatever the reason, these language learning apps shall hold your hand and guide you in crossing the different language barriers. You can not only read, write, speak but excel to gain expertise in a particular language. However, this depends on your choice and purpose of knowing an additional language.

Here you go! You just need to invest your time and not necessarily money to know a new language. You can choose from the daunting language learning apps listed below…

5 Best Language Learning Apps: Free Software:

1. Duolingo:

Duolingo is the most popular learning tool and surely ranks very high in the list of best free language learning apps around. You can learn Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Greek, Irish, Swedish and the list goes on. Learning with Duolingo is free, full of fun and really addictive. Speak, listen, translate and be ready to cross a set of multiple choice challenges and improve your language skills with each passing day. A wide array of language learning courses are offered for people having different native languages.

This one is quite an impressive free language learning app and one of our favourites tool! 

TinyCards is another useful fun flashcard application launched by Duolingo. It’s free and you can learn and memorise anything with fun flashcards. That’s really interesting!

2. Memrise:

Memrise offers you more than 200 courses created by experts that seem to be a learning adventure in itself. A great tool to enhance your grammar, local accent and conversation skills. You can learn maths, history, geography and other subjects as well. The real fun lies in its memes and gamification to playfully remember vocabulary. This gives you a unique and effective way to learn and memorise specific words and phrases.

3. Busuu:

This online learning app Busuu is loaded with a modest collection of languages and high quality learning content. The free version of this language app is decent enough to practice vocabulary with flashcard for one language. The premium version further offers you access to as many languages as you wish to learn plus a whole lot of additional material.

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4. Quizlet:

Quizlet is yet another powerful addition to the best language learning apps. A simple to use and great tool for self study through user generated sets of different terms and descriptions. It offers learning through flashcards and free quiz also. You can create your own quiz, take tests, and play games to learn. The free Quizlet account shall give you access to limited features only. But, you can upgrade to enjoy the extra perks and features.

5. HelloTalk:

HelloTalk connects learners to people who are fluent speakers of the same language. It encourages free form interactions and helps you easily practice your desired language. An in-built auto correction tool, integrated translation system and a wonderful opportunity to interact with other speakers adds to its advantages.

Language Learning Apps: Additional List

Few other important language learner apps that need to be mentioned here are:

  • Babbel
  • Tandem
  • Lingualift
  • Lingua.ly
  • TripLingo
  • MindSnacks
  • FlashAcademy
  • Lingvist

We have primarily highlighted the free versions of language apps in this post that can give you access to plentiful content and knowledge. However, you can avail additional features and some exclusive ways to learn through Pro or Premium membership subscription of these language learning software.

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This was our massive collection of free and best language learning apps that shall make you learn a new language as per your requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and improve your reading, writing and speaking skills through these free language learning apps. Did we miss out any important name to add in the list of language learner apps. If yes, do let us know! We shall love to include it and make our readers aware of it.