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Do you wish to nicely organise the bulk of photos that you have? Are you finding a good photo organizer app? If yes, this post on Best Photo Management Software or app is the perfect answer to all your queries.

Photo Management Software/ App: Importance

An advancement in digital photography and powerful smartphone camera in our hands, what a perfect duo! Indeed!! This has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of photos that we need to manage. It is not uncommon to have a huge collection of photos. The ones that are spread out across not so properly labelled folders and various devices.

So, you surely want to do away with all this clutter. For this, you can rely on one or more of the Best Photo Management Software.

These photo management tools help improve the workflows. And, enable you to manage digital assets in a systematic manner. Now, do you belong to a marketing or branding company? Or you are from educational institutions, museums etc. where you need to organize high-volume of photos? Don’t worry, these photo management apps shall prove to be a real saviour.

Your selection of the Best Photo Management Software depends a lot on your needs and budget. Besides ensuring the overall management of your picture bank, it must have a doable learning curve. You can always start with a free option. Gradually, you may switch over to a premium version for more pro skills and advanced features.

To ease up your task a little, here is an impressive assortment of the best photo management software.

Best Photo Management Software: Free & Premium

1. digiKam: A leading open-source digital Photo Management App

Supported OS(s) : Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Price: Free

digiKam provides an extensive set of tools. All this, for managing, importing, editing, and sharing photos, videos and raw files. May it be adjusting colours, cropping, panorama stitching, curves adjustment, or lens correction etc. You can do all this with this photo organizer app.

In fact, you can transfer photos and videos directly from your camera or external storage devices like SD cards, USB etc. This photo management app also permits you to configure import settings and rules.

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Moreover, it helps you to arrange photos, videos and raw files into albums. In addition to this, it empowers you with different tagging tools to give tags, labels and ratings to raw files and photos. You can even use the filtering functionality to easily locate items.

digiKam uses Exiv2 library for handling metadata tag contents from files. Likewise, it relies on marvellous LibRaw library for decoding raw files. The library is updated constantly for you. Therefore, you get support even for your advanced camera models. Hence, this seems to be the best choice for advanced users.

2. Adobe Bridge CC: A Digital Asset Management Application

Supported OS: Windows 10, macOS

Price: Free

Adobe Bridge is an organisational tool created by Adobe Systems. It is an essential component of Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe eLearning Suite, Adobe Technical Communication Suite and Adobe Photoshop CS2 through CS6.

Bridge is a freeware and empowers you to proficiently find, organize, search, and preview your assets. You can either install it together with other apps like Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements or standalone by itself.

It enables you to batch process your content files. You can manage and set file metadata, rate and label photos, make image watermarks. Additionally, you can carry out slideshows, support multi-user system, and much more.

You can even edit the photos straight away in the Camera Raw dialog box without Photoshop or Lightroom.

Guess what? You can access Adobe Bridge in various languages. And, you can enjoy its 32-bit and 64-bit versions for both macOS and Windows. It helps clear the disarray. Also, you can quickly locate assets by features such as file type, ratings, camera settings etc.

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3. XnView: An Image Viewer, Photo Resizer & Graphic Converter Software

Supported OS: Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, macOS

Price: Free

XnView is a photo organizer and versatile file manager. This software is used for viewing, organizing, converting and editing raster images. Along with this, you also get an effective file management. It equips you with batch renaming, built-in hex inspection and screen capture tools.

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You can browse, arrange and view your photos in different ways. These can be organised in:

  • A fullScreen View
  • Thumbnail View or
  • A slideshow with FX etc.

So, you can easily edit your photos with an array of photo editing tools. This means, you can resize, rotate and crop photos. You can adjust brightness, auto contrast, modify Colours, apply filters and effects.

Besides exporting 70 formats XnView allows you to make web pages, contact sheets, slideshows, file listings and more. It is multi-lingual and helps you create customised images.

Not only this, it allows you to read more than 500 file formats. So, you can even read the multi-page and animated still formats  like APNG, GIF etc. XnView even empowers you with a Screen Capture module and Windows TWAIN & WIA interface to capture photos.

You can also enjoy other notable features such as duplicate file finder and Metadata support. The Editing (IPTC), JPEG lossless transforms further strengthen this tool.

XnView is a freeware, if used for personal or educational purposes. However, you need to get a license for its commercial use.

4. Zoner Photo Studio X: Best Windows software for managing your photos.

Supported by: Windows 7, 8 and 10

Price: Free Trial for 30 days or $4.99/month or $49/year

Zoner Photo Studio X can resolve your basic photo issues in just a single click. You don’t need to spend time on edits like shadows or contrasts. Instead ZPS X can do it for hundreds of images at once for you.

It also provides Full Layer Support and a Unique Retouching Brush. Therefore, you can transform your bland photos into something worthwhile. In addition to this, its Filter Brush lends unlimited possibilities to try and edit your photos.

Whether you want to do batch photo editing or wish to set your memories in motion, you can do all with ZPS X. Moreover, new additions and improvements to the existing features of ZPS X are continuously being made.

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This universal tool allows automatic imports and sorting of your photos into folders by date, location or keywords etc. It enables you to print straight from the program and even lets you share the photos easily. In fact, ZPS X is the only software that allows sharing photos to Instagram.

Furthermore, you get hundreds of tips and photo tutorials with this amazing photo editing and organizing tool. You even get an unlimited  Zonerama online gallery.

5. SmugMug

Ready to streamline your photo organization and storage? Whether you have 50 or 50,000 images, with SmugMug you can easily categorize, display, retrieve and securely store all of your photos online.  Access them and upload direct from your phone, computer and your camera.  You can even sell prints to friends, family and art fans if you choose.

Best Photo Management Software: List to Add On

  • Google Photos+Backup and Sync: Free Download
  • ACDSee 20: $8.90/year, ACDSee
  • Zoner Photo Studio X: $4.99/mth, Zoner
  • Smart Pix Manager 12: $48.66/year, Xequte
  • PicaJet 2.6.5: $59.95/year, PicaJet

Now, what to expect from the best photo management software? What are the specific features to look for while choosing the right photo organizer app? The above list of amazing photo organizers will surely give you an idea. What do you think about it?

And, if you just need to edit your photos, you can peep into the popular and Free Online Photo Editor.

Have you already made your selection? If not, which of these best photo management software matches your criteria? Any other photo organizer you wish to list here? Let us know about your preferred choice via the comments section.